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Huis Ten Bosch Epos Card Center

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You can get an Epos Card designed exclusively for Huis Ten Bosch!

Huis Ten Bosch Epos Card that is advantageous for use within Huis Ten Bosch.
There are plenty of great deals such as special offers and discounts at Privilege.

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【キャンペーン内容】 今なら同時入会・ご紹介で、ご入会者さまに合計2,000円分のエポスクーポンをプレゼントいたします...

エポスカード 新規Web入会受付中!

【Web入会カード店頭受取り希望のお客様】 お申込みが終了いたしましたら、受付番号をお控えください。 当日ご来場の際...

What's Good?
Special Privilege ①

5% OFF for 1 DAY Passport

* When purchasing a ticket at the immigration ticket booth, the use of one-time payment of Epos Card is eligible for discount.
* "After 3 Passport", "After 6 Passport", "WEB Ticket (including 1 DAY Passport)", "Full Time Countdown Passport", "After 3 Countdown Passport", and "After 5 Countdown Passport" are not eligible for discount.
* Cannot be used in combination with other coupons or discount services.

Special Privilege ②

5% off restaurant

[Target stores]
・ Road Leu ・ Pinoccio ・ Totto ・ Gokuu ・ Tottotto ・ El Chegoya ・ Fish Ichi ・ Uoichi Cafe dell plus ・ Healthy Restaurant Aura -AURA-

Special Privilege ③

5% Shop

[Target stores]
・ BEST 3 ・ Schiphol ・ Vondel ・ Souvenir ・ Sea Breeze

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NameHuis Ten Bosch Epos Card Center
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