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Welcome area
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Original goods, Nagasaki confectionery, various special products
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◆月曜日~金曜日 10:00~19:00
◆土曜日、日曜日 09:00~19:00

Follow up on forgetting to buy souvenirs

The bright interior, which is Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, is modern with white as the base color and orange as the information board.
You can enjoy shopping comfortably with a neat layout that gives you an overall view.
In addition to Huis Ten Bosch 's typical souvenirs such as original miscellaneous goods, famous confectionery, and Dutch folk crafts, we also carry castella, champon, sara udon, and special products of Nagasaki prefecture.

News & Events
[Period] March 13, 2019-

Goto Islands Taste Fair

A treasure trove of ingredients to enjoy the tastes of the four seasons Goto, the island of blessings Goto's marine products Goto Islands Nagasaki Prefecture, one of the leading treasure trove of marine resources in Japan ...

Our Commitment​ & Points


¥1,300 (税込)

[New Product] Huis Ten Bosch Limited Black Montblanc Crunch Chocolate Bar

The crunch chocolate finished with white chocolate in the image of magnificent illumination is a collaboration with the long-selling ice cream "Black Mont Blanc" familiar in Kyushu.
This item is limited to Huis Ten Bosch

¥ 1,200 (tax included)

[New product] Huis Ten Bosch fondant chocolate

An exquisite fondant au chocolat that melts the chocolate inside!

¥ 890 (tax included)

[New product] Chocolate-covered waffle cookie

The crispy waffles are coated with flavorful chocolate.

¥ 980 (tax included)

[New product] White Langdosha "Kingdom of Lights"

Exquisite harmony of rich white chocolate and crispy cookies
A cookie with white chocolate sandwiched in a crispy butter-flavored langue de chat dough.

800 yen (tax included)

Facility information
Name of facilitySchiphol
LocationWelcome area Farewell Gate
Opening hours【1月の営業時間】
◆月曜日~金曜日 10:00~19:00
◆土曜日、日曜日 09:00~19:00