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General shop
General store in front of Hotel Europe

Sea Breeze

Huis Ten Bosch original
Plush toys
Character Goods
Miscellaneous goods/stationery
Daily necessities / medicine
Harbor Town
Harbor Town
Products handled
Various original products, beverages & alcoholic beverages, daily necessities, stamps, milk
Opening hours
1月営業時間は ハウステンボスの営業時間に順じます。

Back up your hotel life

Souvenir Shop with a wide selection of sweets, beverages & alcoholic beverages, cheese & snacks, original miscellaneous goods, daily necessities. It is very convenient for guests staying in front of Hotel Europe There is also a mailbox next to the store. Why don't you send a letter from Huis Ten Bosch to commemorate your trip?

Morning Market (Guest Special Privilege Every Saturday-Monday)
Special Privilege ① time before normal (1 time only)
Special Privilege 2) Get an original gift for purchases of 3,000 yen or more per account
Special Privilege ③ Half price for home delivery for purchases of 10,000 yen or more
* If you are staying at Hotel Amsterdam, please be aware of the opening and closing time guests

Our Commitment​ & Points
Cream cheese & turf sauce set

Huis Ten Bosch cheese.
A set of cream cheese, which is popular among the abundant cheeses, and a special turf sauce (soy sauce).
Price (tax included): 1,960 yen

Ranking product item

Arabiki sausage from Kyushu Price (tax included): 1,000 yen

HTB limited Kameda persimmon seed lemon steak flavor

Limited to Huis Ten Bosch! Nagasaki's local gourmet "Lemon Steak" has become a persimmon seed. The umami of beef, soy sauce from sweetness, and the flavor of lemon are appetizing. It is not spicy and can be enjoyed by the whole family.
Price (tax included): 880 yen

Huis Ten Bosch Limited Happy Turn Spicy Cheese Flavor

A collaboration product between Kameda Seika and Huis Ten Bosch!
The limited Happy Turn, which can only be bought at Huis Ten Bosch, is finally here!
The spicy and spicy cheese flavor makes it addictive.
Individually wrapped with the scenery of Huis Ten Bosch, it is perfect as a souvenir.
Price (tax included): 1,080 yen

Facility information
Name of facilitySea Breeze
LocationHarbor Town
Opening hours1月営業時間は ハウステンボスの営業時間に順じます。