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Sky Castle

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6m / 9m course

It is a 6m and 9m course.


・ Elementary school students with a height of 110 cm or more and less than 130 cm must be used with their parents (junior high school students or older).
・ Elementary school students with a height of 130 cm or more do not need to use it with their parents, but please wait at the "Sky Castle".
・ When playing under 12 years old, the signature of the person who uses the consent form and the guardian (18 years old or older) is required.
・ Cannot be used if you have any concerns about your physical or health (especially heart disease).
・ Those who are not comfortable to move. (Not available for sandals, mules and skirts)
Shoes and trousers can be rented (free rental)
・ If you do not agree to the prior explanation and consent form, you cannot use the service.