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The 7 best Attractions are very popular with couples!




  • 目だけでなく、音や香りでも楽しめる!
  • 写真映えスポットがたくさん!



LocationView the Park Map Attraction Town
  • 探偵気分になれちゃう!
  • 協力しながら謎が解けたときの達成感がたまらない!


西日本初!VRで川下り体験が楽しめる「激流ラフティング」と、 宇宙までぶっ飛ぶ「ウルトラ逆バンジー」。想像をはるかに超える 二つのスリル体験を楽しもう!

LocationAttraction Town enlarged map
  • スリル満点で思わず叫んじゃう!
  • 水しぶきがかかったり、超リアル!

One of the largest in Japan
Aerial adventure

A thrilling adventure that challenges various obstacles stretched up to 9m from the start to the goal!

LocationAdventure Park See enlarged Map
Move your bodyoutdoorelementary school students and abovePassport available
  • I always wanted to play with my body! it was so much fun!
  • Thanks to the advise from the staff, I could make it to the goal.
  • I got stuck at the highest point and retired ... Thank you to the staff for helping me.

Total length 300m
Zip line

A zip line that slides down a total length of 300m from the top of a hill over a canal. Enjoy a thrilling experience feeling fresh breeze like a bird!

LocationAdventure Park See enlarged Map
Activityoutdoorpassport available
  • Staffs are happy to help you for your fun experience!
  • Don't miss the Exhilarating moment!

Light & Fountain Canal cruise

Rainbow canal
elegant cruise

It's a fantastic cruise as if you were cruising on a rainbow. You can see the powerful direction of Light & Fountain closely.

LocationWelcome area See enlargement map
Experiencerainy day OKOutdoorpassport Available
  • As far as I could see, I was impressed by surrounded light.
  • It was nice to see the fountain closely and the illuminations from the canal.

White Ferris Wheel

The cityscape of Huis Ten Bosch
Ferris wheel to enjoy

A white Ferris wheel, the image of happiness. At night, 70,000 LEDs are lit, and when you get on to it, you can get a panoramic view of whole illuminated park with listening to the music.

LocationArt Garden enlarged map
Experienceindoorpassport AvailableRainy days OKWheelchair users available
  • We could have spent special time just for us two, looking at beautiful scenery.
  • It was nice to take a picture together with the beautiful night view in the back.
  • So thrilled when you come to the top.
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