From hands-on Attractions that you can enjoy by moving your body to the fullest
To the romantic Ferris wheel
The 7 best Attractions are very popular with couples!


The fastest and the full impact   
VR coaster is here!

The fastest, fastest and longest in the world! Introducing the world's strongest VR roller coaster! You can enjoy super high speed and superb view that is absolutely impossible in the real world.

Thrilloutdoorpassport available
  • How amazing that the VR links to the movement of the coaster!
  • スタート位置が超高くてヤバすぎる・・・
  • So fast! I clung to it when I was in a dive.

One of the largest in Japan
Aerial adventure

A thrilling adventure that challenges various obstacles stretched up to 9m from the start to the goal!

LocationAdventure Park See enlarged Map
Move your bodyoutdoorelementary school students and abovePassport available
  • I always wanted to play with my body! it was so much fun!
  • Thanks to the advise from the staff, I could make it to the goal.
  • I got stuck at the highest point and retired ... Thank you to the staff for helping me.

Used 800 tons of water
Powerful flood experience

The Dutch legend that appeals to the importance of water is revived by the latest digital technology! In addition to fog, lightning, waves, heavy rain, and tornadoes generated by special equipment, 800 tons of real water swallows the audience seats, a powerful experience theater!

Experienceindoorpassport available
  • The direction using a large amount of water is too powerful to imagine! It is mind blowing direction to see the great flood right in front of you
  • あのマイケルジャクソンがここを訪れたと聞きました。実際に座ったイスを発見!


A zip line that slides down a total length of 300m from the top of a hill over a canal. Enjoy a thrilling experience feeling fresh breeze like a bird!

LocationAdventure Park See enlarged Map
Activityoutdoorpassport available
  • Staffs are happy to help you for your fun experience!
  • Don't miss the Exhilarating moment!


Highest score
Let's get!

Let's try 20m high hammer game! So refreshed if you hit it with a big hammer. Let's get a high score!

LocationArt Garden View the map inside the park
Amusementoutdoorpassport available
  • So exciting to compete with your friends!
  • If you get a high score, you may get a prize!


Rainbow canal
elegant cruise

It's a fantastic cruise as if you were cruising on a rainbow. You can see the powerful direction of Light & Fountain closely.

LocationWelcome area See enlargement map
Experiencerainy day OKOutdoorpassport Available
  • As far as I could see, I was impressed by surrounded light.
  • It was nice to see the fountain closely and the illuminations from the canal.



A white Ferris wheel, the image of happiness. At night, 70,000 LEDs are lit, and when you get on to it, you can get a panoramic view of whole illuminated park with listening to the music.

Experienceindoorpassport AvailableRainy days OKWheelchair users available
  • We could have spent special time just for us two, looking at beautiful scenery.
  • It was nice to take a picture together with the beautiful night view in the back.
  • So thrilled when you come to the top.
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