A story just for you.
With the light of this city.

In a distant foreign cityscape
13 million lights

Spend a night in this city
with your beloved one

Sure it will never be forgotten
it become a memory

A holy light that tells
happy future is about to come~ Wishes Wonderland

Prayer, oath, future, hope.

The light that shines in silver comes here
Gently illuminates the hearts of all.

Leading to a happy future
Corridor of light.

ForeverEverlasting loveArch ~

When you hold hands and cross the corridor,
will be connected with eternal love ...

Make your wish come true
Fountain of the god of love.
~ Maurice Fountain ~

If you throw a coin with a wish,
Cupid, the god of love, grants his wishes ...

Overlooking the shining city,
An aerial walk in the night sky.
~ Ferris wheel of light ~

Swayed by the gondola
Have some quality time with the beloved ones.

Eligible for Passport holders

Dye blue to your heart
A magnificent sea of light. ~ Blue Wave ~

Involuntarily forget words and time
A moment of excitement.

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