Year around

A spot of lights that shines all year round

365 days, every night is special. Illuminations that you can enjoy whenever you come and are always impressive are waiting for you.

Sky Carousel

Only Huis Ten Bosch in Japan! A 3-story Carousel with a height of 15 meters is now available! At night, it is lit up and becomes a fantastic illumination spot.
Location: In front of Attraction Town Fantasy Forest
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3D Projection Mapping show
Nijntje Dance Night

Nijntje mapping that makes use of windows and doors. Miffy goes out on the town at night and dances happily with the animals. Invited to a special showtime that can only be seen at Huis Ten Bosch.
Location: Nijntje

Ferris wheel of light

A Ferris wheel with 70,000 LEDs. You can enjoy a large panorama of the "Kingdom of Lights" in a space of only two people that is not disturbed by anyone. You can talk about the changing scenery and are excited by the expectation for the superb view. Even such a wonderful time is the fun of a Ferris wheel.
Location: Art Garden

*Due to maintenance, the service will be suspended from Monday, May 27th to Friday, June 28th, 2024.

Eternal arch

An arch of light surrounds the palace gardens. Drops of light fall from overhead, gently wrapping the two shoulders together. There is a legend that if you hold hands and cross this arch, you will be connected with eternal love...
Location: Palace Huis Ten Bosch

Maurice Fountain

In this fountain, which reproduces a scene of a romantic myth that God and humans overcome trials and are connected by love, there is a legend that "Throwing coins will make your wish come true."
Location: Attraction Town

Jewel Illumination
  Nation show

When classical music plays in a baroque garden, jewel-like lights begin to dance ...
Please enjoy the time created by the synchronization of sound and light.
Location: Palace Huis Ten Bosch

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