Seasonal spots

Enjoy the illuminations and light effects that you can only experience in each season, such as spring, early summer, summer, autumn, Christmas, and winter.

Summer Illumination

Glittering summer-only illuminations

Fall of Lights
~ Summer Ver ~

"Fall of Lights" with a width of 66m that flows down from the night sky to the vast art garden. Summer Ver is rhythmic music and it will be linked to the fountain in front of you! The view from the night pool is spectacular.
Period: July/10th Sat. - Sep/10th Fri.
Location: Art Garden
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Garden pool

In Garden pool surrounded by fantastic lights, if you take a picture with "Fall of lights" and fireworks in the background, SNS will surely prosper!
Period: July/22nd Thu. ~ Sep/10th Fri.
Location: Art Garden
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Forest Pool

Limited to 18 years and older! Let's enjoy relaxing in a special pool surrounded by seven colors of light ♪
Period: July/22nd Thu. ~ Sep/10th Fri.
Location: Wellness Center
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Seasonal Illumination

It changes depending on the season.


3D projection
~ Summer Ver. ~

A marvelous illusion is projected in the city at night.
Enjoy the beauty of seasonal images with the theme of the sea and summer.
Location: In front of the flower clock at Amsterdam Square
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Huis Ten Bosch x Wpc. ™
Umbrella Street

Approximately 700 umbrellas that spread overhead will also turn colorful and translucent. Don't miss the show where the light shines along with the lively songs.
Location: Attraction Town
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Water magic

Japan's longest 85m! A powerful entertainment show where the fountain of light moves to the light music.
The performance that blows up high in the night sky is a masterpiece.
Location: Canals around Flower Road
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Fantasia of Lights

When summer music plays, the dome in the center of the square shines brightly.
Illuminated by colorful lights, the moving show that changes its appearance one after another will be an unforgettable memory.
Location: Fantasia City of Light
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