Seasonal spots

Enjoy the illuminations and light effects that you can only experience in each season, such as spring, early summer, summer, autumn, Christmas, and winter.

Early Summer

Aurora Garden of Light

The illumination that spreads all over the garden from a 60m wide waterfall of light transforms into full color! You can enjoy a world of light full of color and dance.
Location: Art Garden

Seasonal Illumination

Illuminations that change with the seasons

Umbrella Street

Umbrella Street, decorated with about 700 umbrellas overhead, will be transformed into sunflower-patterned umbrellas for the Spectacular Summer Festival. The illumination show, which sparkles in time with music, is also a must-see.
Location: Attraction Town

3D projection

A marvelous illusion is projected in the city at night.
Please enjoy the seasonal visual beauty that changes the theme and appearance according to the season.
Location: In front of the flower clock at Amsterdam Square

Fantasia of Lights

When seasonal music plays, the dome in the center of the plaza lights up brightly. Illuminated with colorful lights, the impressive show that changes shape one after another will be an unforgettable memory.
Location: Fantasia City of Light




Water magic

After sunset, the night pool has a different atmosphere from the daytime. From here, you can enjoy the spectacular view of Japan's largest water entertainment, with the water shooting up to a height of 20m.
Period: 7/5 fri - 9/8 sun
Location: Art Garden

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 Forest Villa

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