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Miffy's hometown is the Netherlands, and in her home country she is loved as "Nijntje".
In the store where a special Miffy that can only be met here in Japan welcomes you,
Enjoy unique goods, cute food, and exciting experiences!

G-13 Amsterdam City

Nijntje Shop

The world's largest store specializing in Miffy goods! Miffy welcomes you with a red scarf, yellow wooden shoes, and the Dutch flag.

Inspired by Nijntje Cafe
Cute new goods are also available

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Nijntje Cafe

You can enjoy cute sweets and drinks inspired by Miffy. Because this and that are all Miffy, the time waiting for the food will be exciting.

I want to take pictures unintentionally at the cafe
Miffy menus are appearing one after another!

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3D projection
mapping show

Nijntje dance night

3D projection
mapping show

Nijntje dance night

Nijntje mapping that makes use of windows and doors.
Miffy, who went out to the night town, danced happily with the animals.
Invited to a special showtime that can only be seen at Huis Ten Bosch.

Celebrate Miffy At Flower Town!

Event period: March 15th (Friday) - June 30th (Sunday)

 At "Flower Town" where seasonal flowers are in full bloom, let's enjoy Japan's biggest Miffy events happens during 3 months period.

The very popular Miffy Room
So you can stay all year round!

Hotel Amsterdam

Miffy Room

*The amenities provided may differ slightly from those shown in the images.

Available dates for booking: ~6/30

From 35,200 yen

(Including Nijntje Shop shopping coupon worth 5,000 yen/ per room,special amenities, breakfast/per guest, The price is for per guest/double occupancy)

\The long-awaited permanent establishment has been decided/

Available dates for booking: July 1st to September 30th

From 27,300 yen

(Limited amenities, breakfast included, per person per room for 2 people)

*The content is subject to change as it is under supervision. Please note