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Flower Town Miffy Celebration



A lot of exciting events from the only Miffy Parade in Japan to Warm Greeting by Cutie Miffy!

 Celebration Parade

D Attraction Town ~ G Amsterdam City

Enjoy a special parade only available here in Japan, with Miffy and friends riding on floats decorated with seasonal fresh flowers. Spend a dreamlike time with Miffy and the cast members in gorgeous costumes.
*If the temperature exceeds 30 degrees, the parade route will be changed.
*If the temperature exceeds 35°C or the event is cancelled due to rain, a Miffy and Melanie meet-and-greet will be held in Passage G-5.
*The parade start time will be changed to 11:45 from May 7th (Tue).

Miffy and Melanie
Special Greeting 

G-14 Amsterdam City Flower Clock

A greeting show where you can meet Miffy and Melanie is held every day at a spot decorated with seasonal flowers. Take special photos surrounded by flowers. Both children and adults can enjoy a heart-fluttering moment.
* In case of rain or strong winds G-14 Held at the Amsterdam Square Stage (*Performance time and content are subject to change)
* In the event of bad weather G-5 Greetings held at the Passage
*A special version will be held in June.

Furthermore, a greeting event where you can enjoy a photo service with Miffy will be held every day.

G Amsterdam City

Photo Spots

B Flower Road

There are lots of instagrammable photo spots in the park! Take a picture in our new spot where large Miffy photo frame is set up in a flower field.  Have memorable photos with beautiful flowers and landscape in background where exist only here in Japan.

Flower Clock

G-14 Amsterdam Square

Miffy's flower clock made entirely of fresh flowers. Don't miss out on this seasonal clock.

Umbrella Street

Attraction Town near D-14

This popular spot has been transformed into Miffy version.  Coloful Bruna color umbrellas hanging above the street.

Fun Flower Garden
Dick Bruna's Flower and Picture Book World Exhibition

K-21 Palace Huis Ten Bosch

An art exhibition that is perfect for this time of year is held in  Palace Museum. "Flower" and "Plant" drawn by Dick Bruna are highlighted and introduced in this exhibiton. Enjoy Dick Bruna's World of Flower and Picturebook. 

Special event only available in June

Various places 

June 21st is Miffy's birthday.
There will be lots of exciting events to celebrate Miffy's birthday. Let's all celebrate together.

Enjoy the City of Flowers to the fullest extent.

One-Million Rose Festival

Event period: April 27th (Sat) to May 26th (Sun)

A special month in which colorful roses will bloom in full glory. An early summer wine festival is also be held in the garden, where you can also enjoy live music performmed by inhouse artists. Enjoy a rose-colored vacation.



Original Miffy Menu Items are available at Nijntje Cafe.
Try Special Miffy Menu that will make you smile!


Nijntje Cafe

G-13 Amsterdam City

Enjoy Miffy-inspired sweets and drinks that will satisfy not only with your tongue, but also with your eyes by filling the room with full of Miffy items. You will be excited being in the Nijntje Cafe. 

Miffy's Türkiye Rice

Miffy version of Nagasaki's local dish `Turkish Rice` We have created a fun Miffy plate for both children and adults that will fill your stomach.

Miffy Fruit French Toast

Cold French toast inspired by a flower garden. Blueberry jam and Miffy's cream cheese go perfectly together.

Miffy menu at limited restaurants/cafes 

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Miffy items exclusive to Huis Ten Bosch. 
Perfect for gifts or treat yourself. 


Nijntje Shop

G-13 Amsterdam City

The world's largest Miffy goods specialty store. Miffy with red scarf, yellow wooden shoes, and Dutch flag will welcome you, creating a dream-like space. Miffy Celebration limited goods are also on sale.

Rose Nijntje

A new design inspired by the roses at Huis Ten Bosch has been released. The hat features a rose flower.

Miffy and Melanie

Exclusive to Huis Ten Bosch, Melanie goods are now available. It's cute looking Miffy and Melanie sitting next to each other!  

Time limited merchandise

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You can spend a whole day with Miffy in a very popular Miffy room!
Lots of special privileges available only for the room guests.

\The rooms available all year round/

Now "Miffy Room" became permanent room, available all year round!

Hotel Amsterdam

The room themed "Miffy" is decorated and filled with Huis Ten Bosch's original Miffy items. Please enjoy Miffy World during your stay. 

Available dates for booking: ~6/30

From 35,200 yen

(Including Nijntje Shop shopping coupon worth 5,000 yen/ per room,special amenities, breakfast/per guest, The price is for per guest/double occupancy)

Available dates for booking: July 1st to September 30th

From 29,800 yen

(Including apecial amenities, breakfast , The price is for per guest/double occupancy.


Original Miffy pouch (one bag per guest) with Miffy amenities. 


At Nijntje Shop
Including a 5,000 yen shopping voucher
* The voucher is available until stay date of June 30th.  


Fun all day long!
Introducing our recommended ways to spend time in Huis Ten Bosch.

With seasonal events and time limited gourmet food,
enjoy a Miffy-centric day!

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Flower Town Miffy
SNS Campaign

Take a picture of the “Flower Town Miffy Celebration” that you have experienced, and post them with #Huis Ten Bosch #Miffy Celebration .
 Winners will receive wonderful prizes.

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