Huis Ten Bosch
30th Anniversary Special

Miffy Month

June 21st is Miffy's

The largest theme park in Japan
Celebrate Miffy's birthday!
This year, the 30th anniversary of Huis Ten Bosch, a special event will be held

Miffy is loved as" Nijntje (nijntje)" in his hometown of the Netherlands. At Huis Ten Bosch, which has its roots in the Netherlands, Miffy is familiarly called" Nijntje (nijntje)".

* The photo shows the past


Meet Miffy every day!
Lots of special events only this year

Let's conquer everything from this year's special event with Miffy to making Miffy items that you can take home with you.


Held daily

Exciting show
Enjoy every day

Huis Ten Bosch Miffy Show

This year, a Miffy show will be held every day! Dance and have a good time with Miffy to the song.

* The photo shows the past

For a limited time

Only here in Japan can we celebrate together

Miffy's birthday party
Saturday and Sunday in June ・ 6/21

6/21 is Miffy's birthday. Miffy will appear at the event to celebrate with everyone! Participatory games

* Scheduled exhibition location


A flower clock designed for a limited time is now available!

Miffy floral clock

A flower clock made entirely of flowers in the central square of the city is designed exclusively for Miffy Month!

Location: Amsterdam City Stud House Front Flower Clock



Find Miffy and get a present!

Look for hidden Miffy

Find Huis Ten Bosch Original Miffy hidden in shops in Amsterdam City. If you find them all, you will get a wonderful gift!

Receptionist: Nijntje



#Huis Huis Ten Bosch #Miffy

Miffy Month SNS Campaign
Details coming soon

Let's take a picture of Miffy in Huis Ten Bosch Ten Bosch # Huis Ten Bosch # Post with Miffy and get a gift!

Held daily

Miffy and memories
Let's take one

Come to Miffy
~ Miffy's Photo Service ~

* Please avoid direct contact when moving or shooting Miffy, and ask for your cooperation in securing a distance.
* For the time being, we do not offer a picture service with your camera.

Miffy Month Limited Experience Event

Paint your favorite color and make only one Miffy item in the world

Colored and original
Let's complete the tote bag

Tote Bag work Shop

Price: 1,500 yen

Your own color
Let's make Miffy

Unglazed painting experience

Price: 1,300 yen

Miffy Trivia

With a Dutch flag, wearing a red scarf and yellow wooden shoes Nijntje is, in Japan, Huis Ten Bosch does not meet only.

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