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Miffy's Fun Flower Garden - Dick Bruna's World Exhibition of Flowers and Picture Books

Eligible to Passport Holders

K-20 Huis Ten Bosch Museum
(Inside Palace Huis Ten Bosch)

About this exhibition

Photo: F. André de la Porte

Dick Bruna, the creator of "Miffy (Usako-chan)", is one of the most famous Dutch graphic designers and picture book authors. The world of his picture books, drawn with simple colors and lines, is loved by people all over the world.

In addition to Miffy and her friends, this exhibition will spotlight flowers and plants, which are often depicted in Bruna's picture books. We will also introduce the flowers of Hana no Hon (1975), which has not been published in Japan but is popular among fans. Please enjoy Bruna's world of flowers and picture books.


Enjoy Bruna's world of flowers and picture books
Approximately 90 works will be released at once

Introducing Bruna's works that focus on the characters that appear in picture books, as well as flowers and plants. In addition, works from the Huis Ten Bosch series, which was born after Bruna visited Nagasaki Dutch Village, the predecessor of Huis Ten Bosch Ten Bosch, in 1987 will be on display.

Seasonal flowers bloom in the flower garden in front of the museum.
A photo spot featuring Miffy and friends also set-up.

In the garden in front of the museum, there will be a flower bed filled with seasonal flowers such as tulips, and a photo spot for Miffy and her friends. You can enjoy the gorgeous flower beds that are suitable for this exhibition, which has a flower garden theme, with a production unique to Huis Ten Bosch. Why not take a photo to commemorate your memories?

Perfect cafe for taking a break after pleased by the display!
Sweets and drinks that look so cute!

Miffy's cute gourmet food will be featured at the cafe "Palace Tea Salon" located inside the Palace Huis Ten Bosch. Enjoy ``Flower Garden Miffy Parfait'' in a mug that you can take home, as well as two types of drinks made with ingredients from Nagasaki: ``Nagasaki Mikan Juice'' and ``Sonogi Matcha Latte.'' Please enjoy our limited menu available only now.

Events held at the same time

Celebrate Miffy in Flower Town!

Event period: March 15th (Friday) - June 30th (Sunday)

Set in the "Flower Town" where seasonal flowers are in full bloom, the entire town will be covered in Miffy's cuteness for a special three-month period. There are many events and spots where you can make unforgettable memories with Miffy and her friends.

Only here in Japan
Heart-warming Miffy parade

Limited Cute Miffy Gourmet 

Lots of photogenic spots in the park.
Capture your moment!

Overview of the event

K-20 Huis Ten Bosch Museum (inside Palace Huis Ten Bosch)
● time
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Applicable to park admission tickets. *Solo admission ticket for Palace Huis Ten Bosch is not sold.
●Sponsored by
Huis Ten Bosch Co., Ltd.
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Nagasaki Prefecture, Nagasaki Prefectural Board of Education, Saga Prefecture, Saga Prefectural Board of Education, Sasebo City, Sasebo City Board of Education
●Special cooperation
Dick Bruna Japan Co., Ltd., Mercis bv
Fukuinkan Shoten Co., Ltd., Kutsuwa Co., Ltd.
●Planning cooperation
Curators Co., Ltd.

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