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Nijntje Shop

A store specializing in Miffy goods with the world's largest collection of items! Miffy welcomes you with a red scarf, yellow wooden shoes, and the Dutch flag.

  • In front of the house when you enter the Shop
    Miffy welcomes you!

  • It looks like it came out of a picture book

  • The walls are decorated with flowers,
    There is even a hidden Miffy inside!

Huis Ten Bosch original goods


Nijntje Cafe Series

1. Nijntje Cafe Plush Toy 4,000 yen
Nijntje Cafe Plush Headband 1,900 yen
Nijntje Cafe Mascot Keychain 2,200 yen
Nijntje Cafe Chair Mascot Keychain 1,800 yen

basic miffy
Stuffed toy S

Huis Ten Bosch limited design Miffy. The point is the Dutch flag and wooden shoes.
3,300 yen

brown miffy
Plush Doll

Brown Miffy in chic colors is very popular.
3,300 yen

mimi pen

The knock part is shaped like an ear and is very cute. It is a two-color ballpoint pen, red and black.
700 yen each

Country Nijntje
Print cookies

A print cookie with 6 cute patterns.
1,400 yen

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