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Maria Imamura

Hirona Unjou

Tomoka Takeda

Suzumasa Yanase


Palace Huis Ten Bosch

The Dutch palace as it is in Huis Ten Bosch. Surrounded by greenery, the "Eternal Arch" is a secret spot where you can take pictures that make you feel as if you've wandered into a wonderland.

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No matter where you shoot, it will shine


Porcelain Museum

recreation of the Porcelain Cabinet, a porcelain room in the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin, Germany. The porcelain room with about 3,000 exhibits is a masterpiece!

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It's like I'm abroad!

It's like I'm abroad!


Amsterdam City

Located in the center of Huis Ten Bosch, there are many spots where you can take pictures with seasonal flowers such as flower squares and flower clocks!

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You can get a stylish photo of even a street lamp!

Don't miss the superb view that can only be seen from the windy boat!


Canal Cruiser

A canal with a total length of 6 km that runs through the vast Huis Ten Bosch. The townscape seen from the classical canal boat has a special charm, and you can check the whole picture of Huis Ten Bosch.

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Don't miss the superb view that can only be seen from the windy boat!



If you take a lot of heart neon lights in the background,
Transform into a lovely photo!

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cute with lots of hearts


Art Garden

At night, the entire area Art Garden transforms into an aurora garden of lights! You can capture a world of light full of color and dynamism. .

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Photos taken in the world's largest illumination are sure to shine!