Fantasia Street

A new spot has appeared in Huis Ten Bosch !! The colorful brick cityscape is only here in the hall !!

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In the building opposite, there is a popular roll ice shop that landed in Kyushu for the first time !! Why don't you walk Fantasia Street with ice cream in your hand ♪


Welcome shopping mall

The trip to Huis Ten Bosch has started !!
When you arrive, first of all, let's take a pic here !!

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Flower Road

Flower Road, right from the entrance gate,
the best spot where you can take pictures of windmills and seasonal flowers together !!

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Snake Gate

It's a little-known spot !! 
If you take a one-shot during a break here,
it will be an exotic photo !!

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Flower Square

Amsterdam City, you can take cute pictures of any pose ♪ There are also the cute butterfly-shaped benches !!

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Former Residence of Madame Chocolat

Don't miss the pink photo spot that makes the good pictures no matter where you take them !!

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Palace Huis Ten Bosch

The Dutch palace has been recreated in Huis Ten Bosch !! 
Taking pictures with the palace makes their gorgeous pictures !!

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Surrounded by greenery, the "Eternal Arch" is a secret spot where you can take pictures as if you were lost in a wonderland !!


Umbrella Street

About 700 colorful umbrellas decorate the overhead !!
A spot that shines day or night !!

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First in Japan !! It's even more cute if you have a flower-patterned Watagashi(Cotton Candy) made by a fully automatic Watagashi machine !!

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If you take pictures against the background of many heart-shaped neon lights, 
they will become lovely pictures!

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