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Opera (Team Flower) “Meguri Ai ~Music that connects hearts~”

The setting is France in the late 19th century. Paris is a city where artists gather. Popular composer Christopher loses his memory for 18 years due to an incident. And Sofia continues to gently support him for a long time. Meanwhile, Count Francois grows up as a free spirit and plays around with his friend Daniel. One day, they meet Catherine, a girl who grew up in an orphanage and has a pure singing voice, and their respective destinies begin to take a sudden turn. A heartwarming story with the theme of "various forms of love" connected through the cupid of music. Please enjoy the gorgeous and passionate SONG&DANCE of Finale Review.

Location E-8 Art Garden Huis Ten Bosch Opera Grand Theater
Date 7月22日、24日~31日
Time required About 60 minutes
date Holding time
July 22nd (Monday) 11:30 ~
July 24th (Wednesday) 11:30 ~ 、 16:15 ~
July 25th (Thursday) 11:30 ~
July 26th (Friday) 16:15 ~
July 27th (Saturday) 11:30 ~
July 28th (Sun) 16:15 ~
July 29th (Monday) 11:30 ~
July 30th (Tue) 16:15 ~
July 31 (Wed) 11:30 ~