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Huis Ten Bosch Bosch Tenko "Silk Road Taiko Journey"

A rhythm that transformed from Europe via the Silk Road.
The powerful sound of Japanese drums will express the journey of this percussion instrument, which first arrived in Japan from the Orient, and went on to establish a unique Japanese sound and Japanese festivals.
Enjoy the spectacular stage show brought to you by the ever-evolving Japanese entertainment group "Huis Ten Bosch Tenko."

Location E-8 Art Garden Huis Ten Bosch Opera Grand Theater
Date 7月23日~25日、27日、28日、31日
Time required About 20 minutes
date Holding time
July 23rd (Tue) 13:45 ~
July 24th (Wednesday) 13:45 ~
July 25th (Thursday) 13:45 ~
July 27th (Saturday) 13:45 ~
July 28th (Sun) 13:45 ~
July 31 (Wed) 13:45 ~