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Opera (Team Happiness) "Plumeria Wind - From Festa Sole"

It's the 16th century, the Age of Discovery. Prince Ferdinand visits the beautiful island nation of El Salvador under orders from Queen Isabel of the Kingdom of Spain, which boasts an invincible armada. His goal is to wipe out the evil that is rampant on the island and save its inhabitants. There he meets a beautiful woman... The prince, the people around him, and the inhabitants of the island run around the stage in a powerful, speedy, and comical way in this tale of good versus evil.
Finally, enjoy the passionate review show by Team Happiness led by Makoto Yuuki.

Location E-8 Art Garden Huis Ten Bosch Opera Grand Theater
Date 7月22日、23日、25日~31日
Time required about 65 minutes
date Holding time
July 22nd (Monday) 16:15 ~
July 23rd (Tue) 11:30 ~ 、 16:15 ~
July 25th (Thursday) 16:15 ~
July 26th (Friday) 11:30 ~
July 27th (Saturday) 16:15 ~
July 28th (Sun) 11:30 ~
July 29th (Monday) 16:15 ~
July 30th (Tue) 11:30 ~
July 31 (Wed) 16:15 ~