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E-5 Water Garden

Superior Resort Experience With Our Newly Opened Water World. 

Exceptionally Refreshing!

Exceptionally Refreshing!

Mega Slider

The thrilling experience of sliding 70 meters down in a height where you can enjoy the view of the park is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.

Restrictions for using the Mega Slider: Elementary school age and older, height 120cm and over, weight 20kg-100kg

Enjoy The Summer With Our Garden Pool!

Large Pool

A 50m diameter outdoor pool overlooking the European cityscape. Let's chillout and have fun in our garden pool!

Splash And Sound!
Let's Fully Enjoy The Summer!

Splash Field

The shallow pool allows you to feel the spray, sound, and flickering light of the fountains with your whole body, all up close. Even small children can safely enjoy splashing around in the water.


You can come empty-handed!

There is a wide range of rental items available, including swimsuits, towels, and various types of swim rings.

While watching one of Japan's largest fountains
You can spend your time Yuga

Art Garden Cafe

A café where you can enjoy perfect  summer drinks has opened. Enjoy luxury resort experience viewing fountain show against the backdrop of European cityscape with your favorite drink in hand. 

Upgrade Your Resort Experience. 

Garden Terrace

The elegant and spacious Art Garden Café has terrace seating. Luxurious Poolside paid seats are also available. 

 Perfect Summer Foods
Take-out Gourmet


After having fun, try some takeout gourmet food and perfect summer drinks. 

With Glittering Night Views, Enjoy Your Vacation To The Fullest. 

 Outstanding Views Spread Out Before Your Eyes!

 Outstanding Views Spread Out Before Your Eyes!

Night Pool

Opening Day will be announced as soon as it is decided.

After sunset, the atmoshere is completely different from the day time. Enjoy the amazing view of the fountain show from the night pool, and the view will be even more specutacular on fireworks day!

moving with the light
Japan's largest musical fountain show

Water Dance And lights!
Japan's largest
Musical Fountain Show

Water Magic

Japan's largest and the most spectacular water entertainment, with the water soaring as high as 20 meters. In a town decorated with the world's largest illuminations, the magnificent scenery of water, music, and lights will captivate you.

I can't take my eyes off it for even a second
Light art painted in the summer night sky

Can't take your eyes off them!
Artistic fireworks display in the summer night sky.

Summer Night Fireworks

July 13th (Sat), July 14th (Sun), July 20th (Sat), July 27th (Sat), July 28th (Sun), August 3rd (Sat), August 4th (Sun), August 9th (Fri) - August 18th (Sun), August 24th (Sat), August 25th (Sun)

Fireworks special seating from 1,000 yen

The fireworks that will add color to the best vacation in your life will be even more gorgeous and spectacular with the collaboration of illuminations and musical fountain show. Special viewing seats are available to purchase. Enjoy the spectacular fireworks display up close and feel the full impact.  

 Stay at our official hotels in the park. 
You can enjoy the park without watching the clock!

Find accommodation that fits your travel plan. 
Enjoy a wonderful hotel stay!

See the list of plans here

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E-5 Water Garden

Period July 5th (Friday) - September 8th (Sunday)
Time Opening Day will be announced as soon as it is decided.
Fee Eligible to Admission Ticket Holders
Pool Requirements General pool
Elementary school students and younger must be accompanied by a guardian (18 years or older).
●Mega Slider: Those who meet all the requirements: elementary school age or older, height 120 cm or more, weight 20 kg to 100 kg
* No metal is allowed on swimsuits.
Facility Changing rooms (fully air-conditioned and equipped with hairdryers) and coin lockers (free of charge) are located outside the area (Tower City Plaza H-3).
Shower rooms are available at the pool area. (*Not in the changing rooms)
Rental supplies Towel/300 yen (tax included)
Swimsuit / 2,000 yen (tax included) *500 yen compensation will be refunded upon return
Rash guard / 1,500 yen (tax included) *500 yen compensation will be refunded upon return
Swimming ring/1,000 yen (tax included)

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