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This summer, the excitement and thrills at Huis Ten Bosch reach its peak.
Putting  yourself in a movie-like fantasy world and getting excited by new facilities where you can beat the heat.  

It makes every moment special and unforgettable. 

Updated Version

The flickering lights paint a picture in the night sky
A fantastic world of light

Updated Version

 Flickering lights
create exotic world 
in the night sky.

Around H-2 Tower City Terrace

Lantern Night Show

A graceful show with lanterns soaring high above the European towncape and canals. This year, the storyline of the show has been renewed. Spectacular projection mapping and musical style show with  breathtaking finale where myriod of lights soaring into the sky and fireworks.  The fantastic views unfold before your eyes. 

Shoe Time: 20:00-20:15


Taking on a mission in the ultra-deep sea,
Experience the thrill and excitement of the unknown


In the ultra-deep sea,
take on the mission,
experience the thrill of the unknown and get the excitement. 

D-1 Attraction Town

Mission Deep Sea
Xsense Ride

A new type of thrilling Attractions lets you experience goosebump-inducing thrills and palm-sweating excitement. Board a state-of-the-art exploration vessel with the mission leader and take on a desperate rescue mission in the deep sea world!

With Premium Ticket, you can enjoy priority entry!


Superior Resort Experience With Our Newly Opened Water World. 


Newly Open!
Have a luxury resort experience with our newly open water world.

E-5 Water Garden

Water Garden Pool

Japan's largest musical fountain show and water world where you can splash around all year round transforn into a spectacularl resort pool during summer. Pools are an essential part of summer, but its scale and splendor are on another level.

Opening Hours: From park opening to 15 min. prior to park closing time 

A landscape like a painting
Spread throughout the park

Bastion near D-2

MAP-B Flower Road

G-14 Flower Square

Picture-like views throughout the park!

Various places 


From the welcome area to the flower road and alongside the canal, guests are greeted by sunflowers blooming in the park. Walking through the golden scenery under the summer sky will make you feel like you're in foreign country. To include many places where you can take pictures of the beautiful scenery. 

*The best time to visit the sunflower in Bastion area is from late July to early August. (subject to change due to the weather) 



In contrast to day-time, enjoy brilliant illumination like a jewel box in the night.  

The brilliance of this illumination, which won first place in its category at the International Illumination Awards, is so beautiful that you will be entranced no matter where you look. The popular "Umbrella Street" and "Aurora Garden of Light" will also be transformed into a summer glow.

I can't take my eyes off it for even a second
Light art painted in the summer night sky

Can't take your eyes off them!
Artistic fireworks display in the summer night sky.

Summer Night Fireworks

July 13th (Sat), July 14th (Sun), July 20th (Sat), July 27th (Sat), July 28th (Sun), August 3rd (Sat), August 4th (Sun), August 9th (Fri) - August 18th (Sun), August 24th (Sat), August 25th (Sun)

Fireworks special seating from 1,000 yen

The fireworks that will add colors to the best vacation in your life will be even more gorgeous and spectacular with the collaboration of illuminations and musical fountain show. Special viewing seats are available to purchase. Enjoy the spectacular fireworks display up close and feel the full impact.  

Enjoy the Special Summer Events!

Party Place

Party Place

Enjoy the food and the show
Make your luxury vacation even more glamorous

Enjoy grilled food and summer drinks on the wooden deck terrace where lit by lanterns.  Music and Dance show will be held on the special stage, livening up the party mood. Spend quality time with friends and family while feeling the sea breeze. You will sure to have an unforgettable night.
There are also special seats available where you can watch the show right in front of you!

Canal Terrace Bar

Enjoy an exceptional experience in a special seat along the canal

An open bar with tables lined up along the canal. Enjoy food and sparkling wines at the bar surrounded by European style buildings and views. Spend quality time with frends and family.   

Seasonal Show

Exotic Stage Show 

Stage shows will be performed by inhouse entertainment group "Team Excite" and  musicians. Samba rhythm heats up the stage and creates a lively and dynamic atmoshere in the venu.  


Huis Ten Bosch Hotels offer the best hotel and park experiences to include enjoying the illumination until late at night and strolling around the park early in the morning. 

Enjoy your getaway to the fullest without worrying about time!


Hotel Europe

A premium hotel, the highest grade among Huis Ten Bosch Official Hotels.  Elegantly designed rooms are  recommended to girls' trips. You can also enjoy checking-in on a cruiser exclusively to the hotel guests.

Hotel Amsterdam

Conveniently located in the heart of Huis Ten Bosch,  All rooms are 45㎡ or more, spacious for family gataway. One of the features is the room where you can enjoy the park illumination from the room window.

Forest Villa

 Two-story cottage surrounded by trees and a pond. With a living room on the first floor and two separate bedrooms on the second floor, the Cottage offer a comfortable stay.

Hotel Den Haag

A resort hotel located in the quiet oceanfront area.  Relax in a modern European-style room with a choice of ocean, forest, or parkside views.

Hotel Rotterdam

A casual hotel where you can enjoy playful modern art  throughout the hotel, including the photo-worthy lobby and colorful promenade.



Enjoy refreshing summer sweets and appetizing gourmet.
Seasonal menus are only available for a limited time. 


Put on our season limited wares while in the park that increase resort mood. Summer- themed character items are also good for mementos and souvenirs.  

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