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Have a sweet time with chocolates from all over the world ♪

Former Residence of Madame Chocolat

Amsterdam City
Seasonal menu
Amsterdam City G-7
700 yen~

Enjoy the world chocolates!

★★ It has become a permanent store due to its popularity ★★
In-store squeezed Montblanc is here!
We will make it after your order is placed. Limited number

Fair & Event
[Period] September 11, 2021 to November 03, 2021

Two kinds of autumn Montblanc

In addition to normal Japanese chestnuts, purple potato paste is a plus! The chocolate crunch inside and the sweet potato chips topping are crispy and have a different texture ...

What's Good?
Do you have sweet tooth?. Visit our lovely sweet chocolate shop!

Specially prepared delicious sweets carefully selected by Mrs. Chocolat loves sweets. Please enjoy the sweets that can only be enjoyed here !! The popular Mont Blanc will be squeezed raw after your order is placed. If you would like to be photographed, please let us know. There is no doubt that it will look good on SNS !!

[Limited] Mrs. Chocolat 's whimsical tiramisu style

Introducing the original tiramisu made by Mrs. Chocolat
There is no doubt that the production using film will look good on SNS!

[Drink set] ¥ 850
[Single item] ¥ 700

Facility information
NameFormer Residence of Madame Chocolat
LocationAmsterdam City
Park holiday
Prices700 yen~

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