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Mediterranean cuisine
Mediterranean cuisine in a bright and open space!

El Marso

Tower City
World gourmet
Children's menu available
There is a course meal
Bar & Lounge
Outdoor & terrace available
Tower City H-2
Day: ~ 2,000 yen / Night: ~ 3,000 yen

Nagasaki's rich seafood x Mediterranean cuisine

We have a wide variety of set menus for lunch and a la carte to course meals at night.
Flavorful hot paella finished with a rich soup full of seafood and seasonal seafood
We recommend the luxuriously used special bouillabaisse !!

Fair & Event

かぼちゃパイ 900円

ジャックオーランタン型のかぼちゃのパイの上にさつまいものアイスを乗せた ハロウィーン限定メニュー。


牡蠣ときのこのアヒージョ 1,800円

牡蠣と県産きのこ4種類を使用したアヒージョ。 旨みが凝縮したオイルにはバケットを浸してお楽しみください。

What's Good?
ELMARSO = beautiful sea

Elmarso is a Spanish coined word that combines hermoso "beautiful" and elmar "sea".
We would like to provide the satisfaction of food by delivering seafood caught in the beautiful sea rich in nature and seasonal ingredients of local Nagasaki in Mediterranean cuisine. With that in mind, "EL MARSO" was born. The best choice is the flavorful paella finished with a rich soup stock full of seafood. Enjoy a moment in a bright and open space that makes you feel like a resort with a beautiful view of the sea.

Facility information
NameEl Marso
LocationTower City 1st floor
Park holidayNone
PricesDay: ~ 2,000 yen / Night: ~ 3,000 yen

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