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Sasebo Burger
Popular sausages, Sasebo burgers, various beers

Sasebo Burger Certified Shop Sausage Waag

Attraction Town
Sasebo Burger
Local specialty
Local production for local consumption gourmet
Outdoor & terrace available
~2,000 yen
Attraction Town D-9

Assorted sausages

Please enjoy the 5 kinds of carefully selected sausages delivered by the sausage specialty store.

¥ 1,200

Hot dog

A simple hot dog. You can enjoy the taste of bread and sausages baked at the bakery in the hall.

Single item ¥ 600 Set ¥ 900

Original chili dog

Finished with the original recipe chili sauce. Of course, bread is also baked at the bakery in the hall.

Single item ¥ 700 Set ¥ 1,000

Parsley sausage


Cheese sausage


Sasebo Burger

Burger with Nagasaki Wagyu beef

I used a putty containing A5 rank Nagasaki Wagyu beef and buns baked at the bakery in the hall.
The only Sasebo burger in Huis Ten Bosch

Single item ¥ 900 Set ¥ 1,200

SP burger with Nagasaki Wagyu beef

A special version with eggs and bacon

Single item ¥ 1,000 Set ¥ 1,300

Round and round cheese sausage burger

Sasebo Burger is a popular round and round cheese sausage as a souvenir from Huis Ten Bosch.
A sausage with a total length of about 77 cm, buns baked in the hall and original sauce for an exquisite finish.

Single item ¥ 1,500 Set ¥ 1,800

Chicken nanban burger

Crispy chicken entwined with homemade nanban sauce and finished with tartar sauce.

Single item ¥ 800 Set ¥ 1,100

side menu

French fries

S ¥ 250 M ¥ 300

Chicken nugget

5 pieces ¥ 350 12 pieces ¥ 700

World beer

Edelpils (Japan)

"Edelpils" recognized by Germany's oldest brewery and inherited its name
A luxurious beer that uses only fine aroma hops from Czech Saats, which is said to be the highest peak in the world.

Glass (400ml) ¥ 800 Mug (500ml) ¥ 950
※ Huis Ten Bosch to drink in the Huis Ten Bosch only.

Tuher Helles Hefe Weizen (Germany)

The popular Weizen is back in Sausage Waag.
An exquisite wheat beer that has won the gold medal for 10 consecutive years in Germany.

The fruity yet refreshing taste is easy for women to accept.

Glass 400ml ¥ 900 Large glass 700ml ¥ 1,450
※ Huis Ten Bosch to drink in the Huis Ten Bosch only.

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