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Cheese dishes
Cheese fondue specialty store

Cheese Waag (2F)

Attraction Town
World gourmet
Local specialty
Seasonal menu
Children's menu available
Attraction Town D-11
1,400 yen ~ (one pair)

Wharf fondue

An authentic cheese fondue that recreation authentic Swiss recipe!
* Price per person (orders from 2 people)

2,000 yen

Special fondue

This is a recommended menu that adds Nagasaki Wagyu beef, Hokkaido scallops, and roast beef to the popular fondue ingredients.

2,850 yen

Lemon steak-Cheese Waag

A gem of Sasebo's specialty, lemon steak, arranged in a Cheese Waag

1,650 yen

Cheese hamburger

A juicy hamburger steak with plenty of Nagasaki japone sauce and special cheese sauce, and a pie with ratatouille on it.

1,400 yen

Meat sauce pasta-Burrata sauce-

A rich, creamy pasta topped with Burrata, a rare Italian cheese.

1,600 yen

Hamburger doria

Roasted with mozzarella milk cherry and plenty of cheese, and finished with hot doria in demiglace sauce.

1,400 yen

Nagasaki Wagyu Keema Curry-Poached egg

This is our original grilled curry, which is topped with a soft-boiled egg and baked with plenty of cheese.

1,500 yen

Children's plate

A very satisfying plate of fried shrimp, hamburger steak, chicken rice, and cheesecake.

1,000 yen

Huis Ten Bosch Vegetable Cheese Salad

Huis Ten Bosch vegetables and palmezan cheese just before.

800 yen

Raw ham salad

Cheese Waag special salad with Lithuanian cheese "Dugas" sprinkled around prosciutto.

1,000 yen

Raclette plate

A rich and hot gem of authentic Swiss raclette cheese sprinkled on Oaso bacon, Brazilian chicken and vegetables.

1,800 yen

Camembert fondue limited 20 meals

This is a limited quantity original menu in which a whole Camembert cheese Cheese Waag (Offer time 11: 00-15: 00

1,650 yen

Baked cheese cake

A homemade cheesecake that uses plenty of cream cheese and is carefully baked.

650 yen

Today's gelato

A refreshing gelato decorated with plenty of fruit and homemade jelly.

600 yen

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