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Chocolate cooking
Don't miss the "Chocolate Falls"

Chocolate House

Attraction Town
Attraction Town D-14
From 1,000 yen for lunch and 1,000 yen for night

A specialty store where you can enjoy the deliciousness of real chocolate

A long time ago, chocolate was a drink.
At Chocolateria, we have delicious chocolate drinks that make you feel that old days, original menus such as chocolate pizza, and about 50 kinds of menus such as coffee, juice, beer, and light meals.
In the center of the building, you can enjoy chocolate from various angles, such as "Chocolate Waterfall" where real chocolate flows down from a height of 4.2m, and facilities of shops and workshops.

Facility information
NameChocolate House
LocationAttraction Town
Park holiday
PriceFrom 1,000 yen for lunch and 1,000 yen for night

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