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Chocolate fondue

2,600 yen

Chocolate fondue 2600 yen with the amount for 2 to 3 people.

Chocolate pizza

1,200 yen

Real chocolate is also used for crepes.

Fresh seafood and tomato pasta

1,200 yen

A sauce with the rich taste of garlic and the umami of tomato and chicken consommé.
You can enjoy the scent of basil and the texture of chewy fresh pasta noodles.

Corn bacon pizza

1,300 yen

Made with unsalted bacon, this pizza can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

Chocolate curry with falling chocolate

1,200 yen

Chocolate House limited menu
Topped with freshly shaved chocolate on the spot!
Chocolate curry where chocolate really falls.

2 types of kids menu

・Children's lunch Furikake rice
・Children's curry

Kids menu for families.
Children's curry and furikake rice, which are popular with kids, are highly recommended by the staff of the dads and moms generation!

800 yen each

Chocolate fountain

6,000 yen

45 cm high, can be shared by 4 people.
Mellow chocolate that spills from 4 levels high, 13 kinds of fillings are available.

chocolate parfait falling chocolate

1,000 yen

When warm chocolate sauce is sprinkled on top of the chocolate dome, the dome chocolate melts and becomes entwined with the ice cream for an exquisite taste!