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Turkish rice
Nagasaki Western Style Restaurant


Tower City
Western food
Local specialty
Children's menu available
Outdoor & terrace available
Tower City H-2
From 1200 yen
Recommended menu

Mixed Turkish Rice

Popular Turkish rice with omelet rice, handmade hamburger steak, cream croquette, and Napolitan!


Pork cutlet Turkish rice

The Turkish rice with pork cutlet sprinkled with demi miso sauce and curry pilaf napolitan! A classic dish.


Chicken Nanban Turkish Rice

The chicken nanban on the homemade sauce is especially popular with women. Excellent compatibility with tartar sauce!


Three kinds of cheese-grilled curry with dry chorizo

Hot curry and dry chorizo will stimulate your appetite!
※ not good is spicy guests, please consult with staff.

¥ 1,200

Melty om Hayashi

A classic dish using hayashi rice.

¥ 1,200


Put the hash beef and two kinds of cheese on it,
A classic doria baked.

¥ 1,200

Children's curry rice

Curry rice, fried chicken, napolitan, pudding, juice (choose from orange, calpis, melon soda)


Children Turkish rice

Hamburger, wiener, potato, rice, napolitan, pudding
Juice (choose from orange, calpis, melon soda)


Special menu for school trips

Melty om Hayashi (soft drink set)


Cutlet curry (soft drink set)

* Fukujinzuke is not currently included.


Doria (soft drink set)


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