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Japanese food
There are tatami rooms and table seats


Harbor Town
Japanese food
Local production for local consumption gourmet
Seasonal menu
Children's menu available
Table service
~ 4,000 yen
Harbor Town I-8
From 1,100 yen for lunch and 2,100 yen for night

Three generations may enjoy Japanese food that made from Nagasaki's ingredients

What's Good?
Nagasaki Mabushi that can only be tasted here!

Hananoya, we use delicious local ingredients from Nagasaki.
We offer "Nagasaki Mabushi", which can be enjoyed in four ways with one set.
Nagasaki Wagyu, Nagasaki red sea bream, etc.
Please fully enjoy "the deliciousness of Nagasaki".

~ How to enjoy Nagasaki Wagyu Beef Mabushi ~

The first set, the original taste of pickled Wagyu beef ribs with your favorite condiments.

Second set, specially made quail eggs mixed with Japanese beef and served with rice.

The third set, beef tataki with special tomato miso and rice.

The fourth set, the final tightening is the soup stock carefully taken from the beef bone
Put the tataki entwined in tomato miso on rice
Please enjoy it like Ochazuke over it.

Facility information
LocationHarbor Town Harbor Town
Park holiday
PricesFrom 1,100 yen for lunch and 2,100 yen for night

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