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HUIS TEN BOSCH Visitor guide

About zones

Huis Ten Bosch is divided into two areas: theme park zone and harbor zone (Harbor Town, Forest Villa

About using the harbor zone (Harbor Town, Forest Villa

Huis Ten Bosch Hotels' baggage Center 

Hotel Europe made of the front from the "Harbor gate (south gate)" on the south side of the area, Marine Terminal, Hotel Europe, Forest Villa, Palace Huis Ten Bosch is the area of will be subject to.

Harbor zone admission fee

From October 1, 2019, admission to the Harbor Zone is free. (Excluding fireworks dates)

*On April 20th and December 31st, 2024, you will need to purchase a Huis Ten Huis Ten Bosch admission ticket valid on the day, and you will not be able to enter from the Harbor Zone. (Excluding entry from Marine Terminal)
*Passport eligible facilities can only be used by those with a passport.

  • On fireworks days, a 2,000 yen (flat rate) admission fee to the Harbor Zone is required. (Excluding April 20th and December 31st)
  • Even on fireworks days, there is no need to pay the Harbor Zone admission fee in the following cases. (Excluding April 20th and December 31st)
    • Those who have Huis Ten Bosch admission tickets valid on the day.
    • For those staying at hotels located in Harbor Town (applicable hotels: Hotel Europe, Forest Villa, Hotel Den Haag)
    • Those who use the on-site restaurant

Parking Lot

Huis Huis Ten Bosch 's "West Gate Parking Lot" and "Harbor Parking Lot (100 yen/60 minutes)" are also available for those who wish to visit the Harbor Zone by private car. However, please note that if the "West Gate Parking" and "Harbor Parking" are full, you will be asked to use the "Immigration Parking Lot 1".

*Westgate parking lot will not be available on April 20th and December 31st, 2024. Transportation to Harbor Zone
* Fireworks date, the day before the fireworks event You cannot use the Harbor Parking Lot.

About Westgate parking lot (unavailable on 2024/4/20 and 12/31)
Location Next to "Westgate" behind Hotel Europe
* 2 minutes walk to Hotel Europe
Number of cars that can be parked 35 spaces (regular passenger cars only)
*If the parking lot is full, please use the immigration parking lot.
*As mentioned above, there are days when it cannot be used.
Available time Same as opening time
Price 1,000 yen / once for both general and members

guests who use the restaurant on a day trip

guests who use the target restaurants (" De Admiraal", "Kissuitei", "Trottiner") in Harbor Town (the port town leading to the palace) on a day trip can use Hotel Europe 's exclusive free parking lot by advance reservation. are available.

Of use you would like in your car guests, you will need to advance restaurant reservations. Please be sure to mention your car number when making a reservation.

Free private parking in the harbor zone Reservation / contact information
De Admiraal TEL:0570-064-110
Kissuitei / Ebisu-za TEL:0570-064-110
Trottiner TEL:0570-064-110
  • * Please note that the number of parking spaces is limited.
  • * Please refer to the latter part for the means of transportation to the harbor zone when using the Immigration No. 1 Parking Lot.

Transportation to the harbor zone

About the use of the route bus

The nearest bus stop to Harbor Zone is "Huis Ten Bosch West Gate". (Saihi Bus, direct from Sasebo City)
If you use Huis Ten Bosch Ten Bosch Welcome Gate (Immigration), you will arrive at and depart from the No. 6 bus stop. (time takes about 5-6 minutes. Please check the fare and timetable on the Saihi Bus website.)

When using a taxi

We are always Huis Ten Bosch Wellcome Gate (immigration) taxi stand. The fee is about 800 yen. You can take a taxi to the center of the harbor zone.

On foot

Please follow the outer road of Huis Ten Bosch (sidewalk along the prefectural road) and enter from the west gate of Huis Ten Bosch (The time required is about 20 minutes and about 2 km).

Admission with pets

Pets are welcome in the harbor zone alone. Please spend time with cute pets in the streets of Europe. Admission is free.