Huis Ten Bosch, the following targets
Regional coupons are available.

About regional coupons

Gift certificate issued in units of 1,000 yen per sheet

■ Distribution target: "Travel campaign for" heart breathing "in the hometown" 2nd campaign (for those who submit an application for accommodation and travel price discounts and receive subsidies)

■ Expiration date: Until the check-out date for accommodation. When using day trip products, only travel days

■ Distribution amount: 2,000 yen per night (2,000 yen for one-day travel products)

■ Available stores: Stores with the indication "2nd Furusato de Kokoro Breathing Trip Area Limited Coupon Member Store"
* Poster and stickers are posted at stores that handle them. You can also check the list of stores on the official website of the Nagasaki Prefecture Tourism Federation "Nagasaki Journey Net".
* Regional coupons will not be given to those who use the first "Furusato de" Heart Breathing "Travel Campaign" accommodation voucher.

■ Distribution location: In the case of direct discount to the accommodation facility, it will be distributed at the accommodation facility, and in the case of purchase of travel products, it will be distributed by the travel agency.
Please check the official website for details. Click here for details.

Please note the following points when using regional coupons.
・ Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash.
・ Even if you return the item purchased with the coupon, it will not be refunded.
・ No change will be given when using less than the face value.
・ The distributed regional coupon cannot be exchanged for the regional coupon distributed on another trip.
・ If you do not use the coupon within the usage period, no refund will be given.
・ Regional coupons will not be given to those who use the first "Furusato de" Heart Breathing "Travel Campaign" accommodation voucher.

* Admission passports are only applicable for local purchases on the day of the event.

For meals and souvenir purchases!
Target Shop / restaurants

Each store number (


Please check the Huis Ten Bosch Map" distributed in the venue.
Click here for the map>


Welcome area
Rental Cycle Fiets entry store


Harbor Town
Rental Cycle Fiets port store


Off-site facilities
Gold and Hydrogen Hot Spring


With Go To Eat campaign
Can be used together!

Save even more with regional coupons and Go To Eat meal vouchers! Click here for details on the target stores of Huis Ten Bosch

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