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[French Cuisine De Admiraal]
Information on take-out lunch

*The photo is for illustrative purposes only (double lunch box)

Hotel Europe 's main dining room, "DE ADMIRAAL", offers take-out bento boxes so that you can enjoy the hotel's flavors at your leisure. Enjoy a wide variety of dishes unique to French cuisine created by our head chef.

  • Double bento box 5,000 yen
    (5 types of hors d'oeuvres, 2 types of fish dishes, 4 types of meat dishes, 1 type of fruit)
  • Lunch box 3,000 yen
    (2 types of hors d'oeuvres, 2 types of fish dishes, 2 types of meat dishes)
  • Children's lunch box: 2,500 yen
    (Sausage, hamburger, diced steak, fried shrimp, rice, etc.)

*Contents may change depending on procurement conditions.

Reservation deadlineBy 9:00 p.m. five days before the collection date
*Limited to 20 per day
Pick-up time11:00~12:00、16:00~17:00
Remarks*Since no preservatives are used, please consume as soon as possible.
Also, please store it in a cool place.

■ Reservations and inquiries
Hotel Europe at De Admiraal
TEL: 0956-27-0646 (Reception 10:00-21:00)
*We may not be able to accept bento orders during Golden Week, Obon, New Year's holidays, or on specific day.
Please note