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ROOMguest room

Guest rooms designed for high comfort

We offer a variety of room types to meet the diverse needs of guests, such as the number of guests and the style of stay.

STANDARDStandard type

Standard (Buildings B and C)

It is also recommended for use when traveling alone. This is a standard type with a stylish design that allows you to relax comfortably while having simple functions.

Standard (Building D, E, F)

Standard type where you can feel the warmth of wood. This is a compact room with a unit bath. Recommended for couples, couples, and friends traveling together.

SUPERIORSuperior type

Standard type (Buildings A, B, and C)

Enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay with a simple yet spacious space design. It is a slightly larger room of 28 square meters, making it comfortable for families and groups of friends.

Universal room (Building A)

As a barrier-free room, it can also be used by guests with disabilities. A call button is also available to notify the front desk in case of an emergency. The spacious space design allows for a comfortable and relaxing stay.

View bus (Building B)

This is a special twin room, one of the only two in our hotel, where you can enjoy a bath while feeling a sense of freedom in the glass-enclosed bathroom. The stylishly designed rooms are recommended for couples and anniversaries.

Superior Japanese-style room (Building G)

The only Japanese-style room Official Hotels. Recommended for families with small babies and those traveling in groups. If you prepare futons on the low floor, it can accommodate up to 4 people.


Deluxe (Building A)

With a spacious and open floor plan, this room is full of charm and is perfect for spending precious time with your loved ones. Recommended for families, girls' nights out, group trips, those with babies, and those looking to have fun in a group.

Deluxe (Buildings D, E, F)

This room has a large window and a sense of freedom where you can enjoy the view. Please have a fun time enjoying an unusual experience such as a girls' night out or group trip.

Japanese-style room deluxe (H building)

The only Japanese-style room Official Hotels. Everyone from families with children to the elderly can relax and have a good night's sleep in the Japanese-style setting that you can enjoy while staying at the hotel. Available for up to 5 people.

AVAILABILITYAvailability by room type

You can check the availability of each room type from the official reservation site.