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Information about Huis Ten Bosch Five Hotels
 closing days.

We would like to inform you that the Huis Ten Bosch Five Hotels will be closing on following dates.

Hotel closing days in 2024


  • 2月5日(月)、4月24日(水)、6月6日(木)、9月26日(木)

Hotel Amsterdam

  • 2月7日(水)、4月17日(水)、7月17日(水)、9月18日(水)


  • 2月1日(木)、4月18日(木)、6月10日(月)、9月12日(木)

変なホテル ハウステンボス

  • 2月8日(木)、4月11日(木)、6月26日(水)、9月11日(水)

About Hotel Business Hours on closing days.

Case) In the case Hotel Europe is closed on February 5 (Mon)
, it will be closed for 24 hours, starting from 1300 hous on 5 February until 1300 hours on 6 February (Tue). 
Please note that during this period, dining facilities such as restaurants and lounges inside the hotel will not be available.
* Restaurants inside other hotels and park restaurants are available.

About Park Operation on Hotel closing days

Other Hotels, Attractions, Shops ,Stores and Restaurants will be open as usual.
Please click here for the business hours on the facilities.