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500 kinds of wine specialty store

The Castle of Wine

Amsterdam City
Amsterdam City
Products handled
Wine / food

Wine Shop where you can enjoy a glass of wine Assortment of more than 500 types from Kyushu wine to famous wine

News & Events

Flower Festival Spring new products are now available !!

Products that you can enjoy watching and drinking in spring are appearing one after another !! We handle not only wine but also various products such as liqueur, plum wine, and sake ...

Our Commitment
A wide range of wines

We have a wide selection of wines from casual table wines to fine wines, from world wines to Kyushu wineries. You can also search for your favorite wine by paying tasting.

Feel free to taste

You can sample wine on an Italian wine tasting machine. Some wines cannot be tasted anywhere else. (Paid)

Compare the wines you care about

A set of 3 glasses of 1,500 yen to choose from recommended wines is very popular!
We offer a variety of wines such as sweet, dry, red, white and sparkling.
Compare the wines you care about and find your favorite ★

Bring it to the restaurant

The Castle of Wine only at the target restaurants (500 yen for a fee). Enjoy with lunch and dinner.
■ Target restaurants
Healthy restaurant Aura, Roadreu, Pinoccio, Hananoya, Cheese Waag, Puccini
* Hotel restaurants are not eligible. Please talk to the staff for details.
* Some stores are currently closed. note that.

Facility information
Name of facilityThe Castle of Wine
LocationAmsterdam City Right next to the canal of light
Park holidayNone
Remarks< The Castle of Wine purchased at the Wine Castle can also be enjoyed at the restaurant. Please pay the carry-on fee of 500 yen at the restaurant>
Restaurant where you can bring in wine
Healthy Restaurant Aura Cheese Waag Pinoccio Road Leeuw Hananoya
* Hotel restaurants are not eligible. Please talk to the staff for details.

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