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Kakuni Manju
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Iwasaki Honpo

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Welcome area
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Kakuni Manju

Fluffy steamed buns and sweet and tender simmered pork...give me a bite!

Kakuni Manju Iwasaki Honpo appears in Huis Ten Bosch in the first fast food style.
We will create and offer a special freshly prepared menu you can only enjoy here!
 Kakuni Manju, which is often used as a souvenir or gift, more easily.
Please try the "Our shape" of Kakuni Manju, you can enjoy here but nowhere.
We also have souvenir items that are perfect your family and friends!
We look forward to welcoming you to our store.

Our Commitment
Kakuni Manju with vegetables which you cannot find in other stores but here at Huis Ten Bosch!!

Sweet and tender simmered pork sandwiched with fluffy steamed buns, additional fresh vegetable makes it even more delicious!
You can eat it in the store !! You can also take out !!
We also offer frozen products for souvenirs. Please enjoy the delicious Kakuni Manju at home.

Facility information
Name of facilityIwasaki Honpo
LocationWelcome area Welcome gate In front of the entrance to the Welcome Gate shopping mall
Park holiday

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