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Honey Bee Ranch

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Attraction Town D-15
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Honey, fruit juice honey, manuka honey, etc.
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Pure ripe honey

Pure ripe honey naturally waits for ripeness without heating.
The bees carry the collected nectar to the hive by mouth in the hive. Honeybees blow water to the smooth honey with their wings to remove water and increase the maturity. By repeating this many times, the sugar content gradually increases, and the honey becomes sweet and delicious. The state in which the honey in the hive is slowly ripened and the sugar content increases, and the honey bee is covered with honey wax is called "ripe honey", and it has the same taste as the blessings of nature.

Juice honey

Fruit juice honey blended with fresh fruit juice and honey that Sugi Bee Garden is proud of.
Divide it with water or hot water to make a delicious drink! It is also very useful for children's favorite snacks.

Manuka honey

Manuka honey from Sugi Bee Garden is delivered unheated as it is in order to preserve the original flavor and nutrients of honey, so you can enjoy it as it is. As a daily health habit, take 3 spoons as a guide.

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