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Perfume, fragrance miscellaneous goods, herbal tea
A store specializing in flowers and scents.


Huis Ten Bosch original
Miscellaneous goods/stationery
There is an experience corner
Amsterdam City
Amsterdam City
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A store specializing in flowers and scents.

Inside the store, which is wrapped in the scent of flowers, you can find original perfumes, colorful and fragrant bath goods, and other cute miscellaneous goods with floral patterns that you can enjoy in your daily life. Please use it as a souvenir. We handle seasonal original black tea and rose tea.
Making the popular herbarium and making scented sachets is the only work in the world! Please drop in after a break.

News & Events
[Period] From November 01, 2020

Wishes Wonderland Herbarium Experience

Why don't you make a slightly mature herbarium with Wishes Wonderland 150ml 1,500 yen (for a limited time)

Why don't you make only one original Harvaluem in the world?

There are 3 sizes. (100ml, 150ml, 200ml) It is an experience that even children can challenge. 100ml: 1,000 yen, ...

Our Commitment​ & Points
Why don't you make a Wishes Wonderland

Why don't you create Wishes Wonderland" that is cool and cool with herbarium?
150ml 1,500 yen

Popular experience program

Why don't you make only one original herbarium in the world?

AYANO KOJI × Huis Ten Bosch Angelique Original purse goods

Very popular! The collaboration product with the purse brand Ayanocoji is a limited sale only for Angelique.
Recommended for souvenirs ♪

Flower crown

Huis Ten Bosch, take a walk with a flower crown!
1,020 yen

Introducing 13 types! Roll-on toilette

Huis Ten Bosch original scent! You can carry it around and enjoy the scent casually anytime, anywhere.
The popular scent is Verrifud ♡ 2.250 yen

Tulip candle

You can enjoy not only candles but also "fragrance"!
Each color has a different scent, so I want to use it according to my mood.
Please enjoy the cute form and scent.

Huis Ten Bosch original hand cream

A blend of the scent of roses and the scent of "Japanese" flowers
Exotic scented hand cream.

Damask rose water

Immovable popularity!
80ml is for carrying around and for trial use. 200ml is for home use. 500ml is for smart refilling.
You can choose according to your needs. It is safe because it is a natural material. It can also be used for baby skin care.

Rose key chain

The rose flower-shaped key chain is cute when worn on the back ♡

Rose type bath salt

Good scent! Good looking! Good to use!
Popular bath salt. 7 colors in total.
Enjoy a relaxing bath time in your favorite color.
330 yen

How about the original scent of Huis Ten Bosch

Two original scents, Verrifud and Aquarose. We also have body mist, face mist, and roll-on toilette.
Please try Huis Ten Bosch original scent.

Facility information
Name of facilityAngelique
LocationAmsterdam City
Opening hours■1月18日~31日