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An exciting moment in a fantastic town,
for precious memories


Tulietta is particular about materials, things, shapes, everything.
A collection of heart-throbbing items that you want to share with your loved ones.
Huis Ten Bosch original brand that is perfect as a reward for me.


Commitment to materials, things, and shapes

We are particular about ingredients such as cookies that are both cute and delicious by carefully baking one by one by craftsmen, baumkuchen using carefully selected ingredients, and original Hasami ware. The package also expresses the gorgeous streets of Huis Ten Bosch, and while it has a cuteness that makes your heart flutter, it is also easy to use in everyday life, and it is a product that allows you to touch the memories of a fantastic city.


Thoughts put into Churietta

Huis Ten Bosch The motif is an illustration of a girl projecting "me" by combining "tulip," the symbol of the "Tulip" and "etta," the name of a Dutch girl. Under the theme of "a heart-fluttering moment in a fantastic city as a precious memory," the design was created with the hope that people will share their heart-fluttering moments not only with themselves, but also with their loved ones.


  • Sweets

A cookie with the image of Huis Ten Bosch where you can enjoy the scent of high-quality butter

Cookie Tin (Tulip/Cityscape)

1,800 yen each

An image of the streets of Huis Ten Bosch, such as the flower road where windmills and tulips are in full bloom, and colorful roses. It is a masterpiece that is carefully baked one by one by a craftsman who can enjoy it all the time without getting tired of the color and flavor of the ingredients.

Authentic chocolate made with Belgian couverture

Chocolate assortment

1,600 yen

It is filled with 6 types of carefully selected chocolates, including lychee rose, which has a gentle rose scent reminiscent of churietta, as well as pistachio and caramel.

Cheap sweets to give to your loved ones

Strawberry chocolate cookie

1,400 yen

A melting chocolate cookie made by kneading strawberry chocolate into cookie dough. Texture: A spring-like sweet and sour taste that fills your mouth.

Italian cologne and round bite-sized chocolates

3 types of chocolate

900 yen each

Yogurt mixed berries & white chocolate
A gentle fruity chocolate made with fragrant almonds coated with berry-flavored white chocolate.

Pistachio & dark chocolate
Bite-sized chocolates made with flavorful roasted pistachios covered in dark chocolate and coated with sugar.

hazelnut & chocolate
A classic chocolate made with aromatic roasted hazelnuts covered in moderately sweet dark chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa powder.

Rich milk taste reminiscent of home

crunchy cream cheesecake

1,500 yen

A smooth and creamy cheesecake with a strong cheese flavor and milky taste. The crunchy flavor of cookies is spread on the bottom for the perfect balance. It is also recommended to eat it chilled to your liking.

Authentic sweets with a rich butter flavor

Premium Baumkuchen

1,600 yen

Luxuriously baked with layers of aromatic butter. This Baumkuchen is made with a focus on not only the ingredients but also the texture, making it crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

Enjoy floating a cute heart-shaped lemon

heart lemon tea

1,200 yen

A special lemon tea with a fruit-rich "Hiroshima Setoda heart-shaped lemon" that has little bitterness peculiar to lemons. For the tea leaves, we have selected the organic black tea “Miyazaki Gokase Black Tea” grown at an altitude of 1,000m, and it has a soft and less astringent taste.

Enjoy floating a cute heart-shaped lemon

Heart rooibos lemon tea

1,200 yen

A special lemon tea made with a heart-shaped lemon from Setoda, Hiroshima, which has a rich fruit flavor and has less of the bitterness characteristic of lemons. Rooibos tea does not contain caffeine, so it can be safely consumed by small children and pregnant women.

A cute hair accessory that will make you the hero of the city of flowers.

Flower crown in the city of flowers

2,400 yen each

It features an organdy ribbon on the back and a cute flower crown that can be viewed from any angle from 360 degrees. The design resembles the roses that bloom in Huis Ten Bosch, and the pale colors match the cityscape of the venue.

Fashionable tulips that sway around your ears

tulip earrings

1,800 yen each

The tulips that sway around your ears are inspired by the tulips that flutter in the wind on Flower Road. This item is easy for adults to wear.

Cute tulips that decorate your hair

Accessories to tulips

Barrette: 2,200 yen, Hairpin: 1,500 yen

An accessory that allows you to wear tulips, the symbol of Huis Huis Ten Bosch in spring. Barrettes give you a gorgeous look, while hairpins give you a casual spring feel.

A fluffy and gentle texture inspired by Huis Ten Bosch flower gardens.

towel handkerchief

900 yen each

The fluffy towel fabric is embroidered with the Tulietta logo and the landscape of Huis Ten Bosch. Available in 4 colors: pink and gray with windmill and tulip motifs, and yellow and green with rose motifs.

Matching with friends

key ring


A triple key chain with the symbol of the Turietta girl, a windmill, and a tulip. Tulips come in two colors: pink and yellow.

Standard stationery

jet stream

1,700 yen each

A multi-functional pen with the Tulietta logo on the body that has four ballpoint pen colors (black, red, blue, green) and Sharp functions. Available in two colors: pink and green.

Stylish pottery that makes you feel gentle

Hasami ware

Free cup: 1,900 yen
Mug: 2,400 yen
Goblet: 2,800 yen
Plate: 2,800 yen
Plate S: 1,600 yen

It has a soft atmosphere and a luxurious feel, and is easy to use for everyday use. It comes in three warm pale colors that are easy to match with the dining table, and it is also dishwasher and microwave safe.

Colors that go well with any color

Hasami ware new color gray

Free cup: 1,900 yen
Mug: 2,400 yen
Goblet: 2,800 yen
Plate: 2,800 yen

The classic pale pink, pale blue, pale green, and gray, which has a calming impression that goes well with any color, are now available. Recommended as a pair or as a gift.

Great as a gift or a treat for yourself

Hasami ware flower vase gift

3,800 yen

A small flower vase that fits in the palm of your hand and looks cute even when placed side by side in different colors! Since it is a set with dried flowers, you can take it home and display it as is.

cute round shape

Glass (Tulip/Cityscape)

1,400 yen each

A colorful design inspired by the iconic windmills and tulips of Huis Ten Bosch, and the streets of Europe in a cute glass with a rounded shape. It is an item that will be appreciated as a gift for your loved ones.

A perfect accessory for a flower garden inspired by the flowers in the venue.

flower earrings

1,400 yen each

An accessory that will always remind you of your time at Huis Ten Bosch. The elegant and mature design is recommended for everyday use. Available in 3 nuanced colors that are easy to match with any outfit.

Pick up Churietta in a cute space

Flower and fragrance specialty store

The gorgeous interior surrounded by flower decorations based on white and pink is a cute space that makes you feel as if you have entered the world of flower baskets. Why don't you pick up Churietta products and enjoy shopping?
There is also a space where you can do Shop such as making herbarium and making fragrant sachets!

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