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The Castle of Cheese

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Schfob bob cheesecake

Huis Ten Bosch 's most popular souvenir!
Rich with lemon flavor and a refreshing aftertaste.
You can take it home at room temperature even in the summer ♪

1,350 yen

Happy turn spicy cheese flavor

Collaboration product of Huis Ten Bosch and Happy Turn!
Introducing a spicy cheese flavor that can only be bought at Huis Ten Bosch!
How about a snack for your father's beer or a souvenir for your child?

1,000 yen

Cream cheese 220g

The most popular cream cheese in Huis Ten Bosch
It is a product with a smooth, rich, fresh milk flavor and many repeaters!

1,300 yen

Gouda cheese 190g

Authentic Dutch Gouda cheese manufactured with the know-how cultivated over many years of tradition.
Huis Ten Bosch is one of the representative cheeses and is a popular cheese!

1,400 yen


It has the highest repeat rate in the meat department of Huis Ten Bosch!
Pancetta is Italian for pork ribs. Also known as raw bacon.
Transform into a full-fledged dish just by adding it to your usual dishes!
Please see the recommended way to eat on youtube ♪

1,300 yen



1,300 yen

Smoke pancetta

The smoked pancetta sold exclusively at The Castle of Cheese is a gem!
It has a special taste whether it is baked or sliced raw and eaten raw.
Even if you sprinkle with olive oil, black pepper and garlic ◎

1,300 yen

Round and round sausage with cheese

It features a unique shape that swirls around!
Rich cheese is kneaded into the sausage, and the combination of juicy gravy and cheese is exceptional ♪
Pork is from Kumamoto prefecture.

1,300 yen

Cream cheese prosciutto ham wrap

Carefully aged cream cheese that uses 100% Hokkaido milk and has a good melting taste.
Wrapped in mellowly finished pork loin prosciutto ♪

650 yen

Variety hors d'oeuvre


1,100 yen

Sake that goes well with cheese

At The Castle of Cheese, we have a selection of sake that goes well with Gouda cheese, cream cheese, and mozzarella cheese.
It's a sake that goes well with cheese! Try it ♪

800 yen

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