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The best selection in Japan! Castella specialty store

Castella Castle

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The best selection in Japan! Castella specialty store

A great souvenir from Nagasaki! A castella specialty store.
From Huis Ten Bosch original castella to locally loved castella makers
We have a selection of castella.

<Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays limited event>
"You can eat and compare three popular castella types recommended by the Castella Castle staff!
Find your favorite castella! ”
① 13: 30 ~
② 16: 30 ~
Limited number, it will end as soon as the tasting is exhausted.
Please note that.

What's Good?
[Castella Trivia] The secret of soft and tender texture

The taste of castella changes when it is laid down. As the days pass from the time of manufacture, the rough bottom gradually melts, creating a moist feeling peculiar to castella. If you like the texture of the rough texture, you can choose the one with a new manufacturing date, and if you like the moist texture, you can find the taste close to your taste by choosing the one near the expiration date.

Popular No. 1 ≪Thousand Year Forest Wasanbon Castella≫

The most popular Castella Castle

Uses high-grade Wasanbon sugar!
Elegant sweetness spreads in your mouth.

Huis Ten Bosch original castella.
It is a perfect souvenir.

No. 0.5 (10 cuts) 1300 yen (tax included)
No. 0.5 (6 pieces packaged) 1300 yen (tax included)

Popular No. 2 << Millennium Forest Gold >>

An eye-catching item with a gold package.
The souvenir will be upgraded.

With a moist and fluffy texture
Castella is loved by everyone.

Huis Ten Bosch original castella
How about a souvenir?

No. 0.5 (10 cuts) 1100 yen (tax included)

Best Seller No. 3 ≪Suzakiya Gosanyaki Castella≫

Long history castella store in Nagasaki and Shimabara

"Gosan-yaki Castella" which has been our Bestseller product in the Castle of Castella!  
You can enjoy both rich egg flavor and mellow sweetness at the same time. 

A perfect gift for your love one.

No. 0.5 (6 cuts) 1100 yen (tax included)

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NameCastella Castle
LocationAttraction Town
Park holidayNone

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