Admission to Huis Ten Bosch
Can I purchase a Countdown admission passport on the day of the event?
You can also purchase on the day. You can save money by purchasing in advance.
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Can I leave and re-enter the same day?
You can re-enter until 24:00, the last entry time for Huis Ten Bosch.
When you leave, we will prepare a stamp for re-entry at the general store Schiphol exit, so please stamp it on the back of your hand. When re-entering, please be sure to present the stamp on the back of your hand and the Countdown admission passport.
Can I bring my pet with me on the Countdown
カウントダウン当日もペットと一緒にご入場いただけますが、ペットご同伴の場合、建物の中や乗り物、花火観覧エリア・ライブ会場(ハウステンボス歌劇大劇場)にはご入場いただけませんので予めご了承ください。また、ハウステンボス ウェルカムゲート付近にペットホテル「DOG BOX」というペットのお預け等ができる店舗がございます(有料、お預かりできる頭数には限りがございます。)
お問い合わせ先:DOG BOXハウステンボス店 TEL:0956-27-0287
About fireworks viewing
What happens to the fireworks launch if it rains?
The event will take place rain or shine unless hit by strong winds like typhoon or heavy rain.
If it rains, can I use an umbrella or other rain gear?
Please refrain from using umbrellas in the fireworks special viewing area when the venue is crowded, for safety reasons and because it will block the view from behind. Please prepare rain gear such as a raincoat.
Please tell me the fireworks launch time.
It will be about 20 minutes from 24:00 to 24:20.
Can I see the fireworks without purchasing the fireworks bleachers?
Even if you do not have a fireworks ticket, you can view the fireworks from various locations within the venue. Fireworks placed low may be difficult to see due to the shadows of buildings. The only way to enjoy the power of fireworks up close, their synchronization with music, and the set fireworks is from the special fireworks viewing seats, so we recommend purchasing them.
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Where is the recommended place in Huis Ten Bosch where you can see the fireworks?
Panoramic View Venue (separate special seating ticket required) and Harbor Town. However, congestion is expected. It can be seen from various parts of the venue such as Flower Road and Art Garden, so please maintain a certain distance from each other to avoid crowding.
Is there a ticket for the fireworks special bleachers on the day? Where can I buy it, if any?
If seats are available on the day, tickets will be sold at the following counters. It will end as soon as it runs out.
Huis Ten Bosch Immigration Ticket Office 9:00~
Marine front venue entrance 22:00~
Panoramic view venue entrance 21:00~
I purchased the fireworks special seating in advance and have a ticket issued at a convenience store. Is it necessary to exchange it?
All seats are reserved seats. Since the seat number is already filled in when the ticket is issued, there is no need to exchange it. The entrance to the venue may be very crowded just before the start of the performance, so please come to the venue with plenty of time to spare.
When can I enter the fireworks special bleachers area?
■Marine Front Venue 23:00~
■Panorama view venue 22:00~
Can I enter the special viewing area for the fireworks with a wheelchair? Are there reserved seats or aisles for people with disabilities?
Although we do not have special seats available, you may be able to switch to a regular seat and watch the show from a wheelchair, so please ask the nearest staff member.
Is it possible to bring a stroller into the fireworks bleachers area?
You can bring it in, but it is expected that the venue will be very crowded. Please note.
I would like to take pictures using a tripod. Is it possible to take it in the venue?
You can bring your own. Please use it at eye level so that it does not obstruct other guests' traffic or visibility.
Can I exit smoothly from the fireworks special seats?
Please use the nearest exit as we will have a distributed exit. Also, please keep a distance from the person in front of you, and please be considerate of those around you as there are people with disabilities and small children.
About live events
Where is the live venue? Also, from what time can I enter the venue?
The venue will be Huis Ten Bosch Opera Grand Theatre. time open at 19:00.
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Can I shoot the artist with my camera during the live?
Please refrain from taking photos or videos of live performers. Please keep your eyes firmly on the hot stage, observe your manners and enjoy the live.
I would like to give a fan letter or gift to an artist, what should I do?
We do not accept fan letters or gifts.
About Access and parking lot
When will the roads around Huis Ten Bosch be congested?
There may be traffic jams on the surrounding roads from around noon. In some cases, you may not be able to make it in time for the fireworks, so we recommend arriving early and using JR.
Is there a special public transportation service after 26:00?
Thank you. Please check the official website for more information.
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How long does it take from JR Huis Ten Bosch Station to Huis Ten Bosch
About 10 minutes. It is expected that the entrance will be very crowded on the day of the event, so if guests are using JR, please arrive with plenty of time to spare.
How much does the parking lot cost on the Countdown
Please check the rates for each parking lot from the following page.
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Is it possible that the parking lot is full and cannot be parked?
On the time of the event, the parking lot will fill up early. We recommend that you use the JR line, as you may not be able to make it in time for the fireworks display.
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Where is the parking lot for motorcycles? How much is the parking fee?
There is no dedicated parking lot for motorcycles. Please park in the regular parking space. Prices vary depending on each parking lot, so please check the parking lot price page.
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Can I reserve a parking lot?
We are sorry, but we do not accept reservations. The parking lot and surrounding roads are expected to be crowded on the day of the event. We recommend arriving early and using JR.
Is it possible to park the car in the parking lot and stay in the car until the next day?
We're sorry, but for safety reasons, you can't park or stay in the car.
What time does the illumination light up on the day of the Countdown
It will light up from 17:00.
What are the Opening Times and last entry time for Countdown Day?
9:00-26:00 (Last entry 24:00)