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Surrounded by vibrant colors

In the European landscape,
Take a walk alongside colorful Hydrangea.

*The flowering period is subject to change due to weather conditions or other reasons.

Hydrangea colors
the European streets

F-6 Canalside

G-8 Canal

Hydrangea Canal

With strolling along the canal reflecting the Western- landcape and colorful hydrangea, enjoy fantastic scenery. 

Colorful hydrangeas cover the area 
 along a row of trees

Near K-21 Approach to Palace Huis Ten Bosch 

Hydrangea Road

On the approach to the palace, you can enjoy a stroll while admiring varieties of hydrangea.  Find your favorite one!

Gorgeously blooming hydrangea thatcan only be seen here

G-14 Amsterdam Square

Flower Square

At Flower Square, where the icon flower-crown stands, original varieties of hydrangea are full bloom. Take the best vacation photo!

The variety named after Huis Ten Bosch.

"Huis Ten Bosch"

You can see cute pinky original variety "Huis Ten Bosch" blooming which each calyces  shapes like roses. 

There are also other spots where you can enjoy Hydrangea Flower Art.

Flower Passage

G-5 Passage

The space is decorated with hydrangeas and other early summer flowers, creating a gorgeous artistic space.

Hydrangea Hotel

I-1 Hotel Europe

As you step into the entrance, you will be greeted by colorful hydrangeas.

Lighted up hydrangea shrubbery where you can enjoy exotic night.   

Various places 

Along with the illuminated towncape, you can also enjoy led up hydrangeas that transforming the area into a romantic world.

Simultaneous events will also be held to make your early summer vacation even more special.

City of Flowers
Miffy Celebration

2024.3/15 (Friday) - 6/30 (Sunday)

 At "Flower Town" where seasonal flowers are in full bloom, let's enjoy Japan's biggest Miffy events happens during 3 months period.


Each has a different European atmosphere
The five Official Hotels are
In early summer, when hydrangeas are in full bloom,
For an even more Yuga and luxurious feel.
A must-have for your early summer trip
Enjoy a high-quality hotel stay.

Hotel Europe

A premium hotel, the highest class of hotels on site. The gorgeous designer room is also recommended for girls' trips. You can also enjoy an Yuga check-in on a cruiser exclusively for guests.

Hotel Amsterdam

Located in the heart of Huis Ten Bosch, convenient to go anywhere in the park. All rooms are 45㎡or more, spacious for family vacation. One of the features is the room where you can enjoy the park illumination from the room window.

Forest Villa

 Two-story Cottage surrounded by trees and a pond. With a living room on the first floor and two separate bedrooms on the second floor, the Cottage offer a comfortable stay.

Hotel Den Haag

A resort hotel located on the ocean front and surrounded by comfortable tranquility. Relax in a modern European-style room with a choice of ocean, forest, or park views.

Hotel Rotterdam

A casual hotel where you can enjoy playful modern art  throughout the hotel, including the photo-worthy lobby and colorful promenade.