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This event has ended

This winter, with dazzling and sophisticated lights of silvery-white, landcape of Huis Ten Bosch will change drastically.
The sights that unfold before your eyes shake the hearts of those who witnessed.

Experience an overwhelming emotional moment.

Version up

Snow Falling Night Show
~Silvery-White Wonderland Lighting Ceremony~

Version up

Snow Falling Night Show
~Silvery-White Wonderland Lighting Ceremony~

Due to popular demand, the show has been extended until April 7th (Sunday)!
In an instant, a silent venue turns into the Silvery-White Wonderland.

G-14 Amsterdam City Amsterdam Square in front of the Flower Clock

The lighting ceremony is held every night in the  Amsterdam Square. Two groups of foreign artists will appear on each day, and their voices and performances will echo throughout the venue. The moment  world of silence and darkness transforms into Silvery-White Wonderland, everyone will be captivated by its breathtaking beauty.

Aurora Garden

Aurora Garden

Displays mystical scenes in a large scale.
Waving Illumination

Walking through the shining garden like snowfield is unique to the "Silvery-White Wonderland." The large scale of waving illumination with changing its colors reminds you of Aurora in a sky. This is one of the place you longed for.  



World's largest
City of Light with 13 million shining balls

Won the first place at the International Illumination Awards has become even more magnificent view during "Silvery-White Wonderland" period. You can also enjoy lighting entertainment such as "Umbrella Street" covered with 700 lighting umbrellas and more.

Daytime is also special, just for now.
events and shows
Enjoy it

One Million Tulip Festival

One Million Tulip Festival

Spring has arrived early in the
colorful Tulip Field

2/9 (Friday) - 4/7 (Sunday)

Popular spring event features Huis Ten Bosch's icon flower Tulips. The scenery of colorful tulips and windmills is as beautiful as a masterpiece.

Flower Passage
~Silvery-White Wonderland Ver.~

Filled with elegant and beautiful flowers
Silvery-White Wonderland

Passage in Amsterdam City becomes flower street features variety of white flowers. Beauty and fragrance of blooming orchids and other winter flowers  are exceptional.

Seasonal Show

Unique to this winter
Brilliant performance

From  singing and dancing show to cute mascot show, variety of stage shows will be held everyday.



Enjoy Taste, Smell, Presentation.  
Variety of Chocolate Desserts.

A series of instagrammable chocolate desserts.  Takeout menu and gift items are also available. 


Viewing dazzling white lights in European townscape from room window, 
listening live music in the lobby,
gazing out at the canal from terrace and 
enjoy hotels' fine dining.
Stay in our official hotels and blend into the beautiful Silvery-White Wonderland.

Hotel Europe

A premium hotel, the highest class among Huis Ten Bosch Official Hotels.  The gorgeous designer room is also recommended for girls' trips. You can also enjoy checking-in on a cruiser exclusively to the hotel guests.

Hotel Amsterdam

Located in the heart of Huis Ten Bosch, convenient to go anywhere in the park. All rooms are 45㎡or more, spacious for family vacation. One of the features is the room where you can enjoy the park illumination from the room window.

Forest Villa

 Two-story Cottage surrounded by trees and a pond. With a living room on the first floor and two separate bedrooms on the second floor, the Cottage offer a comfortable stay.

Hotel Den Haag

A resort hotel located in the quiet oceanfront area.  Relax in a modern European-style room with a choice of ocean, forest, or park sides views.

Hotel Rotterdam

A casual hotel where you can enjoy playful modern art  throughout the hotel, including the photo-worthy lobby and colorful promenade.



Enjoy seasonal limited gourmet and get a taste of European vacation. 


Inspired by the “Silvery-White Wonderland”
Including headbands and scarves,
Character goods are also available.
Recommended as a souvenir or gift.



While walking around Silvery-White Wonderland,
 participate in our photo campaign.  With dazzling lights surrounded , take a photo for your life long memory. 

Huis Ten Bosch
SNS campaign

During the winter time, every corner in Huis Ten Bosch is covered by dazzling illumination that will take you to  ``dream-like moments'' and ``longed-for scenes''. Take a photo of your favorite illumination and post it with #Huis Huis Ten Bosch #Huis Huis Ten Bosch Illumination. We will introduce some of the most stunning photos on Huis Ten Bosch 's official SNS.



From fun attractions to art appreciation, enjoy Huis Ten Bosch day and night. 
Have an extraordinary experiences.

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