Modelcourse & Plan

Model Course
& Staying Plan

In a city with shining silver-white illuminations, make unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Take pictures and enjoy tea time.
Girls' trips will be full of fun!

Feel like a princess with limited-time items

Silver tiara

A-2 Nyan Rohde Castle and others

Let's all wear a tiara with shining silver stones and enter. It's cute to shoot against the background of flowers and cityscape!

An illusionary space of pure white flowers

Flower Passage

G-5 Passage

The arcade "Passage", which is colored with seasonal flowers, is wrapped in flower art centered on Phalaenopsis orchids. (12/30 ~)

Relaxing tea time if you get tired of walking

Silver sweets

Various restaurants in the hall

There are many sweets that are white like snow and make you want to take pictures. I want to eat that and this too.

Make memories of your trip with handmade souvenirs

Snow globe making experience

G-10 Holland House

As a souvenir for yourself, it is recommended to make a snow globe just for now. Let's decorate and enjoy it when you get home.

Illumination spots that shine even more at night

Umbrella Street

D-11 Attraction Town

"Umbrella Street", which will entertain you with a completely different look from the daytime, is now a silver ver.

Impressed by the fantastic production of the singing voice

"Silver Town" lighting ceremony

G-14 Amsterdam City

A lighting ceremony that changes from darkness to a silver-white city. If you look at it together, it will surely be an unforgettable memory.

Enjoy warm gourmet food for a limited time

European gourmet in winter

Various restaurants in the hall

A warm and rich gourmet that you will want to eat because it is winter is now available at the restaurant.

Recommended accommodation plan

Hotel Europe

~ City of Silver White ~ Plan

Pastry chef special sweets, winter sweets (shopping ticket for 2,000 yen), breakfast included

From 26,800 yen (1 room for 2 people, per person)

Hotel Europe

Illuminations enjoyment plan from the room

Original mug or candle with breakfast

From 27,100 yen (1 room for 2 people, per person)

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