Modelcourse & Plan

Model Course
& Staying Plan

In a city with shining silver-white illuminations, make unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Both adults and children are fun.
An exciting experience in winter Europe!

Ride a bicycle and stroll around the city

Rental Cycle "Fiets"

A-4 Immigration Store / I-2 Minatomachi Store

It is fun and convenient to move by vehicle in the vast hall. There is also a 4-seater, so the whole family will be excited.

Screaming involuntarily for a thrilling VR experience

VR World

D-2 Attraction Town

Experience screaming with "VR rafting", the first landing in western Japan, and "Ultra Reverse Bungee", a 5G space trip.

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Move your body to your heart's content and refresh

Playground Fantasia

F-1 Light Fantasia City

A completely new active space where you can enjoy playing with the light. How far can you avoid the approaching light?

Watch the glittering illuminations from the ship

Canal Cruiser

From A-4 Welcome / From H-2 Tower City

Luxuriously enjoy the world's largest illuminations from the ship. The whole family was impressed by the scenery that was completely different from the daytime.

Spectacular light ceremony

"Silver Town" lighting ceremony

G-14 Amsterdam City

One side of the world turns into a silver world of light. This year, with the addition of projection mapping, it's even more fantastic.

Dinner is a limited menu at the on-site restaurant

European gourmet in winter

Various restaurants in the hall

There is a wide variety of menus, from very satisfying menus for kids to warm menus that are perfect for winter. You will surely find a shop that suits your mood for the day.

Illuminations shining in the image of snowflakes

Silver Promenade

K-21 Palace Huis Ten Bosch approach

A tree-lined road where the warm light of the lantern and the silver-white illumination shine. Night walk to the palace.

Recommended accommodation plan

Hotel Europe

~ City of Silver White ~ Plan

Pastry chef special sweets, winter sweets (shopping ticket for 2,000 yen), breakfast included

From 26,800 yen (1 room for 2 people, per person)

Hotel Europe

Illuminations enjoyment plan from the room

Original mug or candle with breakfast

From 27,100 yen (1 room for 2 people, per person)

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