Flower Fantasia

Aquarium Fantasia

Space Fantasia

Forest Fantasia Cafe

Playground Fantasia

Carillon Fantasia

Art Fantasia

No one has ever experienced
 digital and real merge
Overwhelming immersive
 experience in this city.

Fee / Passport target
Location / Fantasia City of Light F-1 ~ 6

For the safety and security of our guests.
  We are making every effort to prevent epidemics.
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A special flower just for me
I want to bloom

There is a secret laboratory where makes flowers of lights.
Let's make your own flower of lights bloom.

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Is this in the sea?
You can swim
 with colorful fish ♪

A mysterious world of the sea that glitters with lights. Experience the mystery of the sea while encountering the beauty, brilliance, strength and fragility of life.

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Get on the spaceship 
with everyone!!

There is a space center in the near future. Ride a rocket and embark on a space journey through the world of the galaxy!

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A mysterious cafe time in a secret forest ♪

Spend a relaxing time at a fantastic cafe that can only be found here, such as the cherry blossom tree with secret fruits and the table with various flowers in full bloom.

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Play with the light ?!
Move your body to your full heart
 and refresh your mood!

A new digital x athletic Attractions "YOKERO" is now available! Jump, run, and keep avoiding the moving lights!

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A future performance that
 no one has ever experienced?!

You can experience a performance like "Carillon in the future" where the sound of the bells ring when you touch the light!

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Drawn in digital art
Beautiful love story

A love story drawn with a profound dance organ and beautiful projection mapping on the wall. Enjoy the fantastic and mysterious world of art.

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Enjoy the spectacular illumination show at night!

Fantasia of Lights

There is no doubt that you will be impressed by the light and music night show that takes place around the dome of the square!

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Worked on the production
Top companies representing Japan

A creative company founded by Ryotaro Muramatsu in 1997 with directors, designers and writers. Based on the principles of "Core Creative," "Total Creation," and "Borderless Creativity," he engages in activities that transcend genres such as movies, TV, music videos, advertising, spatial production, regional revitalization, and educational programs. It creates exciting SCENEs, new experiences and values in all areas of LIFE, including culture, art, entertainment, traditions, education, music, cities, food and sports.

A leading company that continues to produce hits of creative and innovative content / services in the entertainment field. The group's IP masterpieces include the "Dragon Quest" series (cumulative shipments and download sales of over 82 million units), the "Final Fantasy" series (over 159 million units), and the "Tomb Raider" series (over 81 million units). ), "Space Invader" series, etc.