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We have a variety of dishes that are particular about fresh local ingredients,
 from local menus to gourmet foods from around the world!

Pizza & Pasta Pinoccio

Our carefully selected pizzas are baked in a 400℃ oven to a crispy texture. The recommended potato and bacon pizza is popular.

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Cheese Fondue Specialty StoreCheese Waag

You can enjoy authentic Swiss cheese fondue. The menu using cheese is also popular.

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Mediterranean Restaurant El Marso

We will deliver Mediterranean cuisine using Nagasaki seafood and seasonal ingredients. The recommended paella is full of seafood flavor!

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"Nijntje" -the world's largest Miffy specialty shop Shop cafe

At the cafe you can enjoy cute sweets and drinks inspired by Miffy.

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Steak RestaurantDE RODE LEEUW

A restaurant specializing in steak and hamburger steak using domestic Wagyu beef.

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Nagasaki Western Food Shop Tottotto

A popular Western-style restaurant with omelet rice with thick eggs and Turkish rice of the local menu in Nagasaki.

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Nagasaki Champon Gokuu

A store specializing in Nagasaki's specialty "Champon". Enjoy specialty noodle dishes such as sara udon, tantan?, and seafood yakisoba.

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Japanese RestaurantSeafood Market Uoichi

The seafood menu using fresh seafood from Nagasaki is very satisfying.

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Japanese Cuisine Restaurant Hananoya

The special "Nagasaki Wagyu Mabushi" is a gem that is delicious four times with one set, including condiments, special sauce, special miso, and ochazuke at the end.

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Sasebo Burger Certified Shop Dam

All burgers are full of volume and deliciousness! We recommend the “Kingdom Burger,” which is a generous sandwich of bacon and a fried egg.

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Recommended Hotels
 Check The Restaurants Too!

Please enjoy the high-quality food hospitality 
where you can enjoy dishes made with seasonal ingredients at the hotel restaurants.

French De Admiraal

Hotel Europe's main dining where you can enjoy authentic French cuisine. Enjoy live music, a location along the canal, and a mariage with wine.

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Japanese Cuisine Kissuitei

You can enjoy the rich seafood and mountain food of Nagasaki with authentic Japanese cuisine.

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Teppanyaki Ebisu-za

You can enjoy the finest brand beef on a teppanyaki.

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Buffet Restaurant A Coeur Ouvert

You can enjoy French-based Japanese and Western creative dishes centered on Nagasaki ingredients in a buffet style along with the scenery of Amsterdam Square spreading in front of you.

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Natural restaurant Trottiner

Enjoy body-friendly dishes made with local ingredients in an open space where the sun shines.

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