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Impressive experience in a colorful and fantastic deep sea world

1 LIFERIUM-The mystery of life

Just as AQUARIUM is AQUA (water) + ARIUM (place), the place where life is created = LIFERIUM. The life of the sea shines beautifully in a virtual aquarium.

2 Fluid Wall-Dwelling place for fluid jellyfish


3 Ocean Tunnel-Sea Peephole


4 OASIS-Oasis of the Sea

The sea that is deeply related to the human body. It slowly sinks into the sea and meets various creatures. Feel the healing of the sea with images, sounds, and scents.

5Shoal of Shadows -影の魚群

An underwater miracle woven by the largest school of fish on the planet. The moment when a huge flock starts to move is impressive. Your shadow becomes a fish and you can swim with the school of fish.

6 Dangerous Sea Area-A home for sea animals


7 PARADISE-Deep sea paradise

The mysterious space of the deep sea "PARADISE". Various lives are created when people visit. Immerse yourself in the fantastic sea world that spreads in front of you.