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FeaturesHuis Ten Bosch attractions, rides and museums!

  • Huis Ten Bosch to enjoy with audio guide

    Now being held! Let's enjoy more by knowing the origin of the building and Huis Ten Bosch

  • The top 7 Attractions children

    Now being held! Attractions that are popular with children, from hands-on experiences that you can enjoy using your body to amusement with the latest technology ♪

  • Couple The top 7 Attractions

    Now being held! Let's have fun with a couple! Introducing 7 Attractions couples, such as screaming and activities!

  • Jurassic Island

    Available all year round The uninhabited island is full of dinosaurs! ?? An ultra-realistic Augmented Reality Shooting Attractions.

  • Adventure Park

    Available all year round Play with a 300 meter long zipline and a 9 meter high aerial athletic!

  • 4 major museums

    Available Now! You can see the valuable works in Huis Ten Bosch 's collection

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