HUIS TEN BOSCH Visitor guide


Guide on Admission Tickets (various types), Premium Passport, Discount Ticket, and Group Ticket.


This is the price for educational trips such as school trips.

  • * There is no Education Tour Passport December 31st.

Confirmation (for groups)

The Japan Association of Travel Agents does not require a confirmation letter to be submitted by school excursion organizations that follow the infection prevention measures in the domestic school excursion guide.

Rate for education tour


Admission for only one day + Attractions as many times as you like

College student
4,100 yen

Junior high and high school students
3,400 yen

Elementary school students
2,300 yen

2,400 yen

Educational Travel Re-entry Passport

1DAY passport for next day admission to Official Hotels


  • フォレストヴィラ
  • 変なホテル ハウステンボス
  • Watermark Hotel Nagasaki / Huis Ten Bosch
  • Hotel Okura JR Huis Ten Bosch
  • ホテル日航ハウステンボス

1,400 yen

  • * If you are admitted as a group, we will prepare an admission ticket, guide map, meal card, etc. in advance before arrival to shorten time Please apply in advance using this application form.

Details of tickets

  • *再入場について
  • * Please note that refunds will not be acceptable and will not be reissued if you lost it.​ ​
  • * Please note that ticket issued before 2011 will not be available since March 1, 2016.