HUIS TEN BOSCH Visitor guide


Guide on Admission Tickets (various types), Premium Passport, Discount Ticket, and Group Ticket.

Plus​ your passport you can enjoy right away! You can also use the lounge!

Premium Passport

A special ticket to enjoy the best experience at the park

5 Privilege

  1. "Quick pass function" that allows you to preferentially use three Attractions
  2. "Use reserved seats in the muse hall" where you can watch the opera more closely
  3. time use Fiets single-seater bicycle" that allows you to move smoothly in the hall
  4. Premium Lounge" where you can enjoy free drinks and sweets while taking a break
  5. Domtoren Sky Lounge" with a relaxing view of the night view

3,000 yen

Limited to HTB Official 3 Hotels
1,000 yen

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A special ticket for the best experience in the park
Click here for details of the Premium Lounge
Click here for details of Domtoren Sky Lounge
Recommended for such people
  • Those who want to make a special trip
  • Anyway, those who want to go around Attractions
  • Those who want to watch shows and events in priority seats
  • * Premium Passport, you need to purchase regular admission tickets on the day separately. Admission and Attractions cannot be used with only the "Premium Passport
  • * This ticket can be purchased at the Wellcome Gate (immigration) ticket office, Harbor Gate ticket office, Adventure Park Gate, and the front desk of HTB Official 3 Hotels
  • *本チケットの事前購入はできません。
  • *本チケットの特典利用は当日のみ有効となります。
  • *本チケットは発券数に限りがございます。
  • * You can choose 3 facilities from 11 Quick Pass facilities. You cannot use the same Attractions
  • * Since there is a limit to the number of people who can use the Quick Pass at each facility, it may not be possible to use it at the facility you requested.
  • * Paid reserved seats in Muse Hall can only be used for one performance.
  • * Bicycles can be rented until 17:00.
  • *自転車は、安全上小学生以下のお子様への貸し出しを行っておりません。
  • * In the case of a large number of customers, the Privilege may not be available at the time
  • * [Limited guests staying at HTB Official 3 Hotels (Hotel Europe, Hotel Amsterdam, Forest Villa
    You can purchase it at a special price of 1,000 yen.

Facilities subject to Quick Pass

  • Shooting Star
  • Sky Castle
  • Sky Rail Coaster Gale
  • VR world
  • White Ferris Wheel
  • GO & GO !! Sniper game
  • Fishing Adventure Game
  • Dragon World Tour
  • Horizon Adventure Plus
  • kirara
  • Space Fantasia
  • Aquarium Fantasia
  • * The service may be suspended without notice due to maintenance / inspection and weather conditions.
  • * Target Attractions are subject to change. Please note.
  • *1時間帯にご利用いただける人数には限りがございます。
  • *1時間帯毎の予約券を発券しておりますが、ご希望の時間帯に添えない可能性もございますので予めご了承ください。
  • *ご利用の際は、各施設のスタッフへお問い合わせ下さい。

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