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Huis Ten Bosch 5 hotels
Event feature

The restaurants of the five hotels in Huis Ten Bosch offer a variety of seasonal events. Please enjoy "delicious" and "happy" Huis Ten Bosch through food.


Special Event Enjoy a one-day special delicious sake experience

Midnight Course
Belle Lune


Hotel Europe De Admiraal

We offer a supreme course meal that overnight guests can enjoy even late time after they have fully enjoyed the park.

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Golden Week
dinner buffet


Forest Villa Trottiner

We will be holding a Golden Week dinner buffet for three days only.

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Seasonal Event Enjoy the four seasons with seasonal tastes and wines

Information about flower basket bento

Hotel Europe Kissuitei

This is a special lunch box from Kissuitei, which is proud of its spring colors and a wide variety of items.
*Take-out limited item.

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Hotel pastry chef special
strawberry roll cake


Hotel Europe Anchors Lounge

A hotel pastry chef's special roll cake made with rich cream made with seasonal strawberries from Nagasaki and mascarpone from Kyushu.
*Advance reservation required at least 2 days in advance, take-out only item.

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Regular EventGourmet events that you want to visit again and again

Sushi Buffet

Hotel Europe Kissuitei

Enjoy sushi made with carefully selected local Nagasaki fresh fish, as well as local fish dishes, seasonal tempura, and three types of sweets to your heart's content.

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